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We didn’t let on much about this but we did manage to have a quick chat with YouTube sensation Boyce Avenue recently, thanks to our friends from Livescape Asia. Of course, you would’ve already heard by now that the boys are finally going to make their Malaysian debut after making us wait for years on end to see them perform live!

Boyce Avenue


But how excited are they about traveling halfway across the world to see their Malaysian fans? And what can their Malaysian fans expect from their show at KL Live next month?

We get the dirt for all y’all:

Hi guys! So glad that the 3 of you are finally coming to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Where are you right now & what are you currently up to?

Right now the 3 of us all live in Sarasota, FL. This is where we have lived for the last 26 years. This is home for us and probably will be for a really long time. We love it here. We are building a brand new recording studio in town and we are always busy recording and filming new videos for our YouTube channel.

We’ve had quite a few YouTube musicians like yourselves come by in the recent years. What have you heard about Malaysia & what are you looking forward to most?

We love traveling and we love learning about new cultures. We can’t wait to meet new people and try new food. We think this is going to be an amazing trip. We can tell from the comments on our social media sites that things are going to be crazy! Good crazy 😉

So your Malaysian fans have been stalking your channel for years now but they’ve always wondered about that thinking process behind picking out songs to cover. Tell us about that.


We really have to love a song to cover it. Doesn’t matter if it it’s a massive hit or just a classic song that inspired us growing up. We have to feel a connection to the song and we have to feel inspired.

What about the creative process involved in songwriting? Since there are 3 of you, who decides what? And who has the final say?

Alejandro is definitely the leader when it comes to original songwriting. He was born with a very powerful musicial gift so we support him and follow his lead. Usually all 3 of us are in the studio contributing. It always helps to have multiple ears in the room giving feedback and suggestions. Some of the songs are written by Fabian and Daniel, but most are written by Alejandro.

Boyce Avenue

Oh, nice! And what’s the best & worst thing about working with or making music with siblings?

The best thing about working with siblings is that we can open up and speak freely to each other. We are always honest with each other and we usually know exactly what the other brother is thinking. We have spent the last 28 years together so we know each other very well. We actually get along very well and almost never fight. If we do, we usually apologise quickly and move on. Sometimes it helps to create a little space though. We are together all the time haha! We work together and we spend personal family time together so sometimes it helps to create space.

Do you have a collaboration wishlist? Who are some of the artistes or YouTubers that the you’d like to someday collaborate with, and why?

We are always open to collaborating with other musicians. Collaborations help us grow as musicians and they are a lot of fun to record. Each musician brings something unique to the table so its inspiring to collab and share creative ideas. Some of our favourite musicians are Chris Martin from Coldplay, Katy Perry, John Mayer, and Ed Sheeran. It would be an incredible honour to collaborate with any of these artistes.

“Embrace Forgiveness” tattoo from Boyce Avenue’s “Dare To Believe” lyrics (Source:

Do you remember your wildest, craziest, and strangest fan moment? Where were you at that time & what went down, exactly?

We are always blown away when fans show us their Boyce Avenue tattoos. Tattoos are such bold artistic statements. It is such an honour that someone would decide to put something about our band on their bodies, knowing it will be there forever! Haha crazy right?!

Sounds pretty darn cray to me! Okay, last one for the road. Tell your Malaysian fans why they should come out to your show/what they can expect from your Malaysian debut 🙂

We are very proud of our live show! We work very hard to make sure that our fans our happy. We put so much heart and soul into our live show. We hope they come and enjoy an amazing night of live music. We live on the other side of the world so we hope they come out and share this special night with us.

Thanks guys for the chat! See you all soon.

Do all y’all wanna see them too? Boyce Avenue’s Malaysian debut will happen on 12th Feb at KL Live and their show will be supported by local talent Narmi with a special guest appearance by Elizabeth Tan.


General zone tickets goes at RM 188*, The Avenue (VIP) tickets are at RM258* via TicketPro starting 14th Jan 2015. Ticket will also be available at all TicketPro outlets starting 14th Jan as well. Find the list of outlets here.

For more information, visit Livescape Asia’s Facebook page or Boyce Avenue’s Facebook page.

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