When Taiwanese-Korean singer Bii 毕书尽 announced that he is going to hold his 1st overseas solo concert in Malaysia this year, we were pleasantly surprised yet curious to know why he has decided to do so. Out of so many countries in the world, he decided to kick off his overseas solo concert in Malaysia. This can be attributed to the fact that he held his first overseas promo tour in Malaysia back in 2013.

Thus, it’s safe to assume that his loyal fanbase is the reason why he decided to return to Malaysia for a large-scale solo concert.

Bii 7


The Taiwanese-Korean singer kicked off the promotional tour for “Bii My Love Live in Malaysia” with an autograph session in Johor Bahru on last Friday (16th Jan), followed by Kuala Lumpur on Saturday (17th Jan), and Penang on Sunday (18th Jan). Before he rushed off to his autograph session in KL, he attended a press conference for his concert at Bangsar’s Pullman Hotel to talk about his new album and what to expect from his concert.

“Action Bii” is Bii‘s 1st full length album after the release of an EP and 2 mini albums, ”Bii Story” and “Come Back to Bii”. The title track of the same name is one of the songs that he composed for the album, in which he revealed that it is a song that shows a more upbeat side of him. The album consists of 10 songs, and 5 of them are composed by Bii himself. However, he was recently accused of plagiarising CNBLUE‘s “I’m Sorry” for one of the songs he composed, “你在ㄍㄧㄥ什麼? (Baby Don’t).” Regarding this claim, he responded by saying that he did notice that some parts of the song sound similar to “I’m Sorry”, but the similarities are inevitable since both songs shared the same pop-rock genre.

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When the emcee mentioned that Bii had filmed 7 music videos in England in just 10 days, he further revealed that there were only 8 days given for their shoot in England and France, with the remaining 2 days spent in the airport. He further revealed that although he had fun between shoots, everyone barely had enough sleep, and some of the crew members only got 2 – 3 hours of sleep daily.

“Bii My Love Live in Malaysia” will be held at Stadium Negara on 21st March 2015, and that’s 2 months away from now. However, Bii revealed that his company and himself had already planned to make his 1st oversea solo concert in Malaysia for quite a while. He explained that this is because the fans here had been supporting him since his 1st overseas promo tour in Malaysia, thus it is an honour for him to perform in our country again.

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When asked about what we can expect from his concert, he revealed that even though he was stressed out by the song selection and the choreography for the concert, fans can expect to see a different side of him as he has been preparing a lot of surprises for them. He also revealed that a band under his company will guest perform at his concert, alongside Ian Chen 陳彥允, Dino Lee 李玉璽, Andrew Tan 陳勢安, Miu Chu 朱俐靜, etc.

Bii also revealed to the emcee that his Mandarin has improved a lot now thus he wasn’t too worried about talking more. The emcee also jokingly warned Bii to refrain himself from hugging fans due to the recent controversial B1A4 fanmeeting.


Bii 9

Right after the press conference, Bii conducted a number of interviews with various TV and radio stations before rushing off to Fahrenheit 88 for the autograph session. As the ticket launch for his concert was held on the same day, fans were seen gathering in front of the mini stage right after they bought the tickets. Bii was later met with screams from adoring fans as he kicked off the autograph session with a live performance of his promotional track, “Action Go~”.

Bii introduced himself right after the performance, talked to the emcee briefly, and participated in a game session with some lucky fans. Selected fans were asked to play a game that required them to catch the ping pong balls thrown by Bii. The one who collected the most ping pong balls was eventually given an opportunity to take a selfie with Bii. He then performed another song from his latest album, “I Wanna Say” and proceeded to end the show with the autograph session.

Bii Autograph Session

Tickets for “Bii My Love Live in Malaysia” are priced at RM488 for VVIP zone, RM388 for VIP zone, RM338 for PS1 zone, RM238 for PS2 zone, and RM168 for PS3 zone. So far, only tickets for PS2 zone had already sold out.

For those who wish to purchase tickets, you can buy tickets via TicketCharge or the ticketing hotline 03-92228811 as well as authorised ticketing outlets.

For more information, visit Absolive Entertainment‘s or Click Entertainment‘s website.

Don’t forget to follow Universal Music Malaysia’s Chinese Facebook page for more updates.

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