After travelling to more than 15 iconic locations in Peninsular Malaysia to promote the importance of environmental conservation and sustainable development through a series of flash mob, the 1600 Pandas have gathered at Publika for a grand exhibition, offering the public the opportunity to get up close with the pandas, which include 7 special edition Malaysia-themed paper mache pandas on display.

Held from 13th – 25th Jan, the “1600 Pandas World Tour in Malaysia Initiating the Culture of Creative Conservation” Exhibition is taking place at Publika, which is the final stop of the pandas’ mission to convey the urgent message of appreciating the richness of flora and fauna, and the need to protect them from further deterioration in order to conserve these precious resources for the future generation.

1600 Pandas in Malaysia


The tour also champions the use of creative and innovative approaches to convey public service announcements, amplifying the ongoing efforts of bringing positive change to the environment.

The “1600 Pandas World Tour in Malaysia Initiating the Culture of Creative Conservation” Exhibition opening ceremony was graced by YB Dato’ Seri Mohamed Nazri bin Abdul Aziz, Minister of Tourism and Culture Malaysia where all the 1600 Pandas were artistically placed in Publika for the public to view, enjoy and interact with the pandas. 

In addition to conveying the message of environmental conservation, the 1600 Pandas are also on a mission to discover the unique culture and tourist attractions across the Peninsular Malaysia. With culture being one of the core themes of the 1600 Pandas World Tour in Malaysia, Paulo Grangeon, French sculptor artist and creator of the 1600 Pandas collaborated with Faster Advertising Group to create 7 special edition Malaysia-themed pandas. Each of the 7 pandas were sculpted and assigned to a significant symbol that aptly represents the Malaysian culture.

1,600 Pandas Malaysia Tour - Paulo Grangeon

The 7 elements are – Trishaw, Wau, Congkak, Badminton, Wayang Kulit, Bunga Raya, and Gasing, representing the diverse and unique culture Malaysia has to offer through the multi-racial and multi-ethnic setting the country is known for. Standing tall amidst the 1600 Pandas at the exhibition, the local-themed pandas are part of the main highlights for the two-week spectacle. 

During the two-week long exhibition, the public will have the opportunity to check out the pandas at a closer proximity. The 1600 Pandas are being placed in a zone where the public get to hug and selfie with the adorable 1600 Pandas. Don’t miss out the first and only chance to spend time with the 1600 Pandas throughout the exhibition period.

1600 Pandas Publika

Apart from hugging and taking pictures with the pandas, the public also has the opportunity to bring one of the pandas home to keep through an online adoption programme. The registration of interest (ROI) will begin on 15th Jan 2015, and those who are interested are welcomed to register online for a chance to bring home one of the adorable paper mache pandas at RM150 each, whereby all proceeds from the adoption will be channeled to WWF-Malaysia’s conservation efforts.


Some of the merchandise available for purchase, also at Publika, are such as:

Members of the public will also be treated with other activities and booths centred on the exhibition. Visitors are able to get a glimpse of the exhibitions and tour previously organised in Hong Kong within the 1600 Pandas Hong Kong Tour Gallery, where a selection of handpicked images from the troop’s tour in the country are featured to offer visitors a better understanding on the cause advocated by the 1600 Pandas.

Specially designed panda-themed premiums are also available for sale during the exhibition. Sponsors of the 1600 Pandas World Tour in Malaysia – MBI International, Publika, Malaysia Year of Festivals 2015, R&F Properties and XOX Mobile – will also be setting up booths in support of the campaign’s initiative.

See you there!

1600 Pandas Publika Malaysia

For further information on the “1600 Pandas World Tour In Malaysia”, visit their Facebook page.

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