The son of kung fu star Jackie Chan went on trial on drug related charges in Beijing on Friday (Jan 9), the Dongcheng District People’s Court said, accused of providing a venue for others to use drugs.

According to CCTV, Jaycee was sentenced to 6 months in jail and fined 2,000 yuan (US$322) after he pleaded guilty to all charges. The court said Jaycee Chan received a lighter sentence because he gave himself up and gave information to the authorities on other criminal activities.

“I broke the law and should be punished. I hurt a lot of people. When I go back into society, I will definitely not do it again. I have been punished but that doesn’t mean I have been forgiven. I hope to use my actions to get everyone’s forgiveness,” Jaycee was quoted as saying during the hearing.

Jaycee Chan looks at evidence during today's trial (Source: Beijing Court's Weibo)
Jaycee Chan looks at evidence during today’s trial (Source: Beijing Court’s Weibo)

As Jaycee has been in detention since 14th Aug, he is expected to be released sometime in the middle of February, according to Chinese media.

“I called Big Brother (Jackie Chan) and Sister Jiao (Chan’s mother Lin Feng Jiao) to inform them of the outcome. His family respects the court’s decision, and hopes Jaycee has learnt his lesson and truly changes for the better,” Jaycee Chan’s manager told Chinese media, pointing out that the management agency does not intend to lodge an appeal.

Jaycee, who like his father has worked as an actor and singer, was detained in August last year after police said they found 100g of marijuana in his Beijing home. Authorities outlined the charges against the younger Chan last month.

Kai Ko & Jaycee Chan

Jaycee and Ko Chen-tung, a Taiwanese actor also known as Kai Ko, both tested positive for marijuana according to state media, and Kai made tearful televised confessions.

Source: CNA.

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