Contrary to popular belief, 2AM‘s Jo Kwon and miss A‘s Min weren’t the longest trained trainees under JYP Entertainment because there’s G.Soul, a trainee who was brought into the talent agency as a trainee 15 years ago.

After 15 years of patience and hard work, G.Soul is finally going to make his debut on 19th Jan this year. JYP made the announcement on his official Twitter account, detailing the journey he has been through with G.Soul in an essay form:

According to JYP, G.Soul was once a shy 6th grader who met JYP for the first time in 2001. Despite his shy personality, G.Soul wasn’t afraid to show off his talent and impressed JYP with his soulful voice. Thus, JYP decided to bring him to America to train him and allow him to learn true R&B /Soul music.

Although he was young, he worked hard for his music career and was almost ready to make his debut as an Asian R&B artiste in America. Unfortunately, the project eventually fell apart as JYP explained that all the risky projects were dropped due to “the US economy crisis caused by Lehman Brothers”.

Major entertainment companies including JYPE aborted their projects in America and returned to Korea, but G.Soul insisted to stay. JYP explained in the tweet that he had suggested for him to debut in Korea but G.Soul decided to spend another few years in the US to “learn and further develop his craft”. After 5 years of developing and mastering his music through the New York underground music scene, the golden boy decided to return to Korea and is now ready to debut with an album this month.


The new album will consist of 20 self-composed songs written by him when he was in the US. The album and a music video for one of his songs, “Coming Home”, are set to be released on 19th Jan.

Check out the teaser video for “Coming Home” below:

Although the album was delayed but hey, it’s better late than never! At least G.Soul is given a chance to shine on stage 😉

For more information, visit G.Soul’s official website and follow him on Facebook or Twitter.

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