Another K-Pop dance choreography bites the dust.

Netizens, particularly EXO-Ls (as EXO’s fans are lovingly called), are raging mad at a new Swedish pop boy group for allegedly copying the dance moves from SM Entertainment’s K-Pop idol boy group EXO‘s “Growl”.

The Fooo Conspiracy EXO Growl


The Fooo was established in 2013 and made up of Oscar Enestad, Oscar Molander, Omar Rudberg, and Felix Sandman. A few months ago The Fooo changed their name and are now known as The Fooo Conspiracy. To date, they’ve released one album and 3 EPs (“The Fooo” EP, “Conspiration”, and “Coordinates”). Their second EP featured a track titled, “All Over the World”, which has recently come to light because while the music video was released last year, a separate dance tutorial was released on 6th January. And as you might already guess, the choreography contains very obvious EXO signature moves.

Watch both the “All Over the World” MV and the dance choreography tutorial video here:

Of course, the choreography is uncredited. Which is why it’s now seeing the wrath of a throng of EXO fans.

UPDATE (1oth Jan):

The Fooo Conspiracy have reportedly stepped up to say that they were “inspired” by EXO, but didn’t consider their “All Over The World” dance choreography a “copycat”.

According to AKP, a recent report published in one of Sweden’s tabloids, “Aftonbladet”, addressed the controversy, saying that member Oscar Molander allegedly stated through a rep that dancers get inspired by other dancers, just like how they had been inspired by EXO, but it didn’t mean it was plagiarism.


Meanwhile, outside of the report, one member, Omar, responded to EXO-L’s anger via Twitter to openly confirm that they had been influenced by EXO, but did not mention plagiarism.

He tweeted:

In addition, a past tweet by member Oscar Enestad indicated that The Fooo Conspiracy was aware of EXO, at least a few months after the release of their “All Over the World” MV.

What do you guys think though? Is it blatant plagiarism or a mere coincidence? Discuss in the comments box below!

Source: AKP.

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