“What should we have for lunch?”, “What should I cook for dinner?”, “Where’s the best breakfast place?”, etc.; wherever we go, we can’t and won’t stop talking about food. It’s true that we are blessed with so many different types of good food here, but this will never stop our constant cravings for food. Our taste buds have become so accustomed to the local food that we are now constantly on the look out for the latest food trend in Malaysia.

However, food trends come and go, but our curiosity for these food trends is eternal. From waffles to bingsu to honey comb ice cream, we could make a list of food that has previously took our country by storm and this could be partially thanks to the cafe hopping trend that paved the way for these food trends.

While you are still catching up with the food trucks trend, check out some of the food trends we hope to see in Malaysia soon:


1. Acai Bowl

Acai Bowls - Food Trend

Whether you have noticed it or not, it seems like Malaysians have vowed to live more healthily through the clean eating movement. We even jumped onto the bandwagon by providing you a list of healthy food delivery services based in Klang Valley area. But clearly, that list wasn’t enough to satisfy our cravings, especially since there are more creative ways to eat healthy. One particular trend that we’ve noticed is the acai bowl, a traditional Brazilian breakfast trend that has been constantly featured on our Instagram feed.

The açaí bowl is more commonly found in New York, Hawaii, Los Angeles, and Seoul, Korea. In Korea, it is one of the best refreshing summer treats after bingsu (shaved ice). This small yet fulfilling smoothie bowl consists of antioxidant-rich acai berries, blended with frozen bananas with almond milk. The smoothie is then topped with wholesome ingredients such as goji berries, seeds, cacao nibs, nuts, fresh fruit, granola, chocolate chips, shredded coconut, chia seeds, raw bee pollen, and mint. It has been crowned as one of the best “superfood” due to its antioxidant quality and aids in weight loss.

2. Honey Butter Chips

Honey Butter Chips

What’s up with this ordinary-looking bag of potato chips, you ask? Well, we hear that the chips are so good that some people are willing to spend 50 USD just to buy this one small bag of potato chips. That’s right, everyone. People in Korea are currently going crazy over Honey Butter Chips and we are dying to know how these crispy gold chips taste like.

Korea Daily reported that over 5 billion won worth of Honey Butter Chips were sold in October 2014. According to Haetae’s public relations chief So Sung-su, the “Honey Butter Chips” became the most popular snack item in Korea due to its “salty, sweet and buttery tastes that suit the palate of many South Koreans”. Due to popular demand, the company has added night and weekend shifts to raise production from 30% to 40%

3. Dessert Pizza

Dessert Pizza

Forget cheese pizza or pancakes, dessert pizza should be the next “it” thing in Malaysia this year. We’ve only seen this food trend make its rounds on the interwebs but we wouldn’t mind spending some time and money to try and bake this heavenly-looking pizza. The dessert pizza will satisfy your sweet tooth by combining the best of cheese, chocolate and fruits for its topping. Many may argue that the dessert pizza is basically a fruit tart but pizza uses flatbread as its base while tart uses a pastry base.

So, you can at least imagine that the dessert pizza is like a combination of fruit tart and honey toast. The food trend may sound laughable but hey, at least there’s a new dessert hybrid in the world right now. The dessert pizza trend has yet to arrive in Malaysia, but you may bake your own from the recipes here.

4. Red Velvet Oreo

Red Velvet Oreo

For the love of God, we sincerely hope that the Red Velvet Oreo will make its way to Malaysian market because we can’t emphasise enough how awesome this is! Reddish chocolate cookies with cream cheese frosting filling in between? Just take our money already.

First developed and produced by the National Biscuit Company (today known as Nabisco), Oreo is one of the best selling cookies in the United States since its introduction in 1912. The cookies are marketed as “chocolate sandwich cookies” as it consists of 2 chocolate wafers with a sweet cream filling in between. For the past few decades, Nabisco has introduced about 35 different variations of Oreo including Blueberry Ice Cream Oreo, Orange Ice Cream, Strawberry (& Milkshake) Oreo, Lemon Ice Oreo, Green Tea Oreo, etc.

Although there are some notable fake flavoured Oreos such as “Butterbeer” Oreo and “Fried Chicken” Oreo, the Red Velvet Oreo has been confirmed to be the real cookies and the 20-cookie package will be available beginning 2nd February. The package is priced at approximately USD4.50 and will be available for about 6 – 8 weeks or whenever supplies run out. According to Buzzfeed‘s review, people who have tried the cookies agreed that the Red Velvet Oreo is a cookie worth eating. Although it tastes like the regular Oreo, the cream does tastes like real cream cheese frosting, with softer texture!

5. Artisanal Toasts

Artisanal Toast

Sick of the bagel trend or the burger trend that has caused your weight gain last year? Well, we think the artisanal toasts could be the tastier and healthier alternatives for your craving for carbs. The food craze has apparently arrived in our country as some of our friends have been making their own artisanal toasts as breakfast. Sure, it’s plain and simple but with the right ingredients, these yummy-looking toasts are definitely a way to take things up a notch.

It is unclear how the trend sprung up but this is a food craze that took some parts of United States by storm. The artisanal toast does reminds us of crostini or bruschetta but the only difference is that people tend to use honey toast, cinnamon toast, or peanut butter toast as its base. However, the toast fad has attracted some criticism for its price at some trendy cafés and so perhaps the best way to enjoy these flavourful toasts at a cheap price is by making our own artisanal toasts. Just put on some sweet or savoury ingredients on top of the toasts and viola, the artisanal toasts craze will eventually take over your Instagram.

That’s it for the food trends we hope to see in 2015! What do you think should it be in the list? What other food that you’ve tried in other countries and would like to see someone selling it here? Share the food trend that you want to see in the comments box below. 🙂

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