Well, this we didn’t expect!

Australian actress, the beautiful Nicole Kidman left “The Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon blushing and fumbling during an interview when she revealed the pair had gone on a disastrous “first date”. Actually, she was on the show to promote her latest film, “Paddington”, and actually, Jimmy told his side of the story first as he recalled a mutual friend of the pair, someone named Rick, calling him up in New York and said that Nicole had wanted to meet him.

Nicole Kidman Jimmy Fallon


Nicole had wanted to talk to Jimmy about taking up a role in the movie “Bewitched”, which was filmed in 2004 and released in 2005. But Nicole had somewhat different recollections of how their cringe-inducing encounter went. So terrible, no amount of brie cheese could’ve helped Jimmy’s case!

Nicole said he wore sweat pants and a baseball cap and served brie cheese, corn chips and “old Chinese food” he retrieved from his refrigerator, and we quote (she said to him on the show), “I swear, and you didn’t talk at all. After about an hour and a half I thought, he has no interest. This is so embarrassing. Then I left and went, okay, no chemistry. And then I went, maybe he’s gay.”

We won’t spoil the fun for you. Watch the video here:

We know, right? So funny! Brb, we need to watch it again ūüėÄ

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