In 2005, EVA Air and Sanrio worked together to launch the first generation of Hello Kitty jets. Conceived by EVA Air’s chairman to make flying fun, EVA’s Hello Kitty Jets have proven to be popular among travellers worldwide.

So much so that the second generation of EVA Hello Kitty Jets came in 2011 and today, there are 6 variants of unique and specially painted Hello Kitty Jets including the:

  1. Hello Kitty Magic Jet
  2. Hello Kitty Apple Jet
  3. Hello Kitty Global Jet
  4. Hello Kitty Happy Music Jet
  5. Hello Kitty Speed Puff Jet
  6. Hello Kitty Hand-in-Hand Jet

Now, hardcore fans of Hello Kitty will have a big reason to fly to Taiwan from Singapore for a holiday (or two) from June onwards this year!


An EVA Air Hello Kitty-themed jet will fly permanently between Singapore and Taipei’s Taoyuan International Airport from 21st June, the airline said in a statement on Wednesday. This is because the airlines experienced “overwhelming demand” after introducing chartered flights on the plane between the two destinations in December.

Hello Kitty Eva Air

Upon the announcement, EVA Air President Austin Cheng said:

After experiencing an overwhelming demand of our Hello Kitty jets when we introduced chartered flights between Singapore and Taipei (in December 2014), we knew Singapore had to be our first destination in South-east Asia to host our next Hello Kitty-themed aircraft. As Singapore is a popular tourism hub, we are proud to be able to extend our flight expansion plans into Singapore.

The flight, which will fly on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, as well as Tuesdays from 1st July, will have a brand new Hello Kitty-themed exterior. If that isn’t enough of the adorable icon, each aircraft comes with over 100 in-flight service items featuring Hello Kitty, including limited edition duty free products, and Hello Kitty-themed food, pillows, and restroom amenities.

Schedule is as follows:

Source: CNA
Source: CNA

To date, EVA Air has launched six variants of the Hello Kitty Jet on flights from Taiwan to Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, China, Guam and Paris. Singapore will receive the seventh variant of the Hello Kitty Jet, the airline said. Singapore is the first country in South-east Asia to host the aircraft, with other variants of the Hello Kitty jet plying routes from Taiwan to Japan, South Korea, China, Guam and Paris.

For more pictures, check out the gallery below:

*Pictures from AspirantSG, Jaunted, and superadrianme.

So, any takers? 😉

Sources: Straits Times, CNA.

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