Mandopop superstar Jay Chou, who is estimated to be worth about NT$5 billion (S$208 million) recently revealed that he will not get his wife-to-be, model Hannah Quinlivan, to sign any pre-nuptial agreement to protect his assets, reported Taiwan media.

Chou told Taiwan media that they have always kept their finances separate, saying that he spends his money and she spends hers, though there are exceptions.

“I often have no cash on me, so I sometimes have to get her to pay for our meals. That’s what being family should be like,” said the 35-year-old singer, who is set to marry Quinlivan on his 36th birthday on 18th Jan.



Chou, who performed in Singapore in December, added that he did not feel any generation gap between them even though he is 14 years her senior, pointing out that they both have very similar mindsets. When asked about his plans for starting a family, Chou, who had previously said he wanted to “have enough children to form a band”, said he prefers to have sons.

“If I have a daughter, I’ll worry more and think about what to do when she gets a boyfriend. If it is a son, I can share my experiences with women with him,” said Chou.

Chou went on to add that he and Quinlivan will live with his mother after marriage, because “my mum still needs her son’s company” and that only about 50 guests will be invited to their NT$10 million (S$417,000) wedding in Europe. Hmm, we wonder if it’s going to be an all-star affair like David Tao’s.

Source: Jay Chou's Weibo
Source: Jay Chou’s Weibo

The singer pointed out that he will continue to release an album a year even after he ties the knot as it is “an enduring commitment” to his fans.

Meanwhile, how much do you really know about Hannah Quinlivan? Here, let us properly introduce Jay Chou’s gorgeous wife-to-be with these little known facts!

Source: CNA.

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