In what it seems like an endless debate about the future of “The Amazing Spider-Man” film franchise, a casting call from New York-based casting agency Bill Beckman Casting has emerged with attempts to debunk all the recasting rumours on Andrew Garfield’s role.

Earlier last year, Sony Pictures confirmed that they are planning to release a sequel and a spin-off to Marc Webb’s “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” by 2018.


Titled “Sinister Six”, the spin-off film of “The Amazing Spider-Man” is scheduled for release on 11h Nov 2016. Writer-director Drew Goddard will be producing the spin-off film which focuses on the origin story of Sinister Six, a group of supervillains gathered by Doctor Octopus.


As for the third “The Amazing Spider-Man” film, it was initially slated for release on 4th May 2018 but it has been pushed back to a much later (and unspecified) date.

The Amazing Spider-Man Andrew Garfield Promo Shot

It was also rumoured that Andrew Garfield will no longer play Peter Parker/Spider-Man in Sony’s “The Amazing Spider-Man” film franchise.

Spidey fans and various movie websites have begun speculating about the actor who will take over his role and whether or not Sony will return the character to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). This is because the recent #SonyHack revealed that both Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures have previously discussed about having Spidey in “Captain America: Civil War“.

However, the casting call from Bill Beckman Casting just changed everything:

TASM3 - Casting Call

The casting call has revealed that Sony Pictures is looking for a few extras to join the film. It has revealed that both Andrew Garfield and Dane Dehaan will return and reprise their roles in the third film and the production will kick off the filming in Atlanta, Georgia. However, director Marc Webb is not listed in the casting call. It is unclear whether the casting call is legitimate but it has certainly raised false hopes for fans who have always wanted Sony to develop the third “The Amazing Spider-Man” film.

It is best to take this casting news with a grain of salt as Sony has not announced the release date for “The Amazing Spider-Man 3.” Perhaps Sony will clear up all the rumours and speculations soon as the executives hold a “Spidey Summit” this month to discuss future movie plans. The plans include an animated Spider-Man comedy (by “The Lego Movie” producers Chris Miller and Phil Lord), a female-centric film, and 2 spin-off films focusing on Sinister Six and Venom.


The Amazing Spider-Man

What do you think of the alleged casting call? Do you think it’s legit? If you really want to hear the good news, it’s best stalk their Facebook for the latest updates.


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