Taylor Swift aka Tay Tay just proved that despite what the media likes to say about her “serial dating”, she still has a lot of love to give. And what better way to give out all that lovin’ than to shower her unsuspecting fans with a some surprise gifts over the holiday season?

Mind you, this takes a lot of effort considering that the pop superstar probably has very little time on her hands, what with having just wrapped up her “RED” tour and aggressively promoting her recently released album, “1989“. To be honest, we can’t even deny that we’ve still got “Shake It Off” and “Blank Space” on repeat, because we’re closet Swifties like that 😉

Taylor Swift Lives In Shanghai


But we digress!

The video below features Tay Tay buying, wrapping, and shipping out personalised pressies to Swifties that were handpicked by the pop darling herself, via something Tay Tay herself calls, “#TayLurking”. Just in case you missed it, “taylurking” is a play on lurking, which took the social media universe by storm recently with Taylor Swift pulling photos of fans posing with her new album at Target and then posting them to Twitter:

In other words, Tay Tay was stalking Swifties. But not like they mind all that much 😉

She later picked out a few fans from the #TayLurking “campaign” and decided to surprise them big time over the holidays. Needless to say, the lucky Swifties were moved to tears, freaking out and flipping out and all that jazz. Watch:

Did that move you to tears too? Are you officially jealous (like we are)? You can admit it, we won’t judge 🙂

Meanwhile, here are the drop dead gorgeous Victoria’s Secret Angels lip-syncing and dancing along to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”.

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