Before 2014 came to a close, we were given the opportunity to live a day in the life of Penang-born actress, Chelsia Ng. Best known for her role in the Malaysian English-language comedy “Kopitiam”, Chelsia has been in the entertainment scene for as long as we can remember. We say this because “Kopitiam” was one of the first few truly Malaysian TV sitcoms that we religiously followed growing up. But Chelsia’s talents aren’t limited to just acting alone.

In the recent years, she has starred in several films, one of which is 2005’s “Salon”, in which earned her a nomination for “Best Supporting Actress” in the 19th Festival Filem Malaysia. She also juggles several projects all at the same time aside from just shooting for TV and film, it seems. True testament to the burning passion for her art, Chelsia has been actively involved in plays plus, she also just released her debut album titled, “Here With You”!

Chelsia Ng Here With You


We know, right? One would wonder if she has had time to breathe.

And on that note, during one of her rare free weekends, she invited us to spend an entire Saturday with her, giving us an exclusive peek into a day out in the life of Chelsia Ng. Here’s what went down:

10am – Horse riding Denai Alam

We got up bright and early on a Saturday morning and made our way to the Denai Alam Recreation & Riding Club in Shah Alam. While it’s uncommon for us (we love sleeping in during weekends or whenever we can), it’s not uncommon for Chelsia. Not only did we discover that she’s really into equestrianism, she’s also a huge fan of horses. In fact, we were super impressed when she walked us down the stables and introduced us to her friends (the horses), because she appeared to have memorised their names as well as characters by heart! You could say that we got the dirt on the horses e.g. which one was naughty, which one was nice, which one was friendly, which one was not so much 😉

* Pictures by Jade Yong, clothes by Uniqlo

“I prefer riding on weekdays because it’s less crowded. Weekdays, I’m here from 7:30am to about 12noon. Less people also means that I get to walk the horses, bathe them, and groom them. It’s like I’m bonding with them that way and you’d be surprised what great company these beautiful creatures actually are,” she said.

2pm – Lunch at Strangers at 47

After almost an entire morning at Denai Alam Recreation & Riding Club, it was time for lunch. Just as well because we were famished and some yummylicious Strangers at 47 crepes were on the lunch menu! So we trudged along to Section 17 in Petaling Jaya, where the unassuming cafe was located. And at lunchtime, it was expected that the place was buzzing with patrons and conversations. Luckily, we got a table real quick!

* Pictures by Jade Yong and Strangers at 47, clothes by Uniqlo

In between bites, Chelsia confessed that she enjoys doing community service work in her free time, having recently completed an assignment in East Malaysia. But she also said, “I actually don’t have a lot of alone time on my hands. I rarely have a whole day to myself like this on weekends. But that’s also because I love going back home to Penang when I can. I love Penang!”

4pm – Shopping at Uniqlo, 1 Utama

It was also during our day out that we discovered what a big fan popular Japanese casual wear brand Uniqlo she is! So we made a pitstop at the 1 Utama Shopping Centre outlet, where she checked out the latest arrivals and swooned over the new collections. We say that she’s a big fan but we’re probably downplaying it because there were instances where she wanted to buy an item in every single colour available. We’re not kidding!


* Pictures by Jade Yong and retail-a-window-seat, clothes by Uniqlo

Chelsia also proved that she’s just like any other average person, having to mentally battle with herself when deciding on retail splurges. Did she end up buying anything or the entire store, even? No. But we can’t guarantee that she’s not going back anytime soon 😉

5pm – The Hobbit at TGV Indulge, 1 Utama

After we got the shopping out of the way, we then headed over to TGV’s brand new concept cinema, the ultra luxurious TGV Indulge at 1 Utama. We quote and agree with Chelsia on this one, “You haven’t been to TGV Indulge? You should! It’s worth it”. In case you haven’t been, it’s the only TGV Cinema (for now) to provide fine dining with a posh cinema experience. We know what you’re thinking, perfect for any movie that’s more than one-and-a-half hours in length, correct? Absolutely! Which led us to our next “activity” of the day – a screening of “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies”.

* Pictures by Jade Yong, clothes by Uniqlo

It was, after all, the final instalment of the “The Hobbit” film series, so we got comfortable for the occasion. Very comfortable! If you haven’t seen “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies”, don’t let us spoil it for you, but if you’re curious to find out if it’s worth watching, check out our movie review here.

8pm – Dinner

As they say, all good things must come to an end – but not before Chelsia treated us to dinner. Since there was an inviting buffet spread at the TGV Indulge lounge, how could we say no? As such, and at the risk of sounding punny, we indulged! We couldn’t have thought of a better way to wrap up our day in the life of Chelsia Ng ourselves 🙂

Chelsia Ng TGV Indulge
Picture by Jade Yong, clothes by Uniqlo

Keep up with Chelsia via her website or Facebook page.

Don’t forget to check out her debut album, “Here With You”, on Spotify here!

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