Today, we enter day 3 of the missing AirAsia Flight QZ8501 SAL/SAR efforts. The mission in Surabaya resumed today at 6am LT (GMT+7).

Currently, the search and rescue operations are being conducted under the guidance of National Search and Rescue Agency Republic of Indonesia (BASARNAS). Several countries have since either offered assistance or jumped right in to help in whatever ways possible such as Singapore, the United States, Malaysia, China, and Australia. About 30 ships and 15 aircraft have been mobilised for a multi-national search.

This photograph from April 2014 shows Indonesia AirAsia’s Airbus A320-200 PK-AXC in the air near Jakarta Soekarno–Hatta International Airport.
This photograph from April 2014 shows Indonesia AirAsia’s Airbus A320-200 PK-AXC in the air near Jakarta Soekarno–Hatta International Airport.

Yesterday, there were reports that an Australian search plane had found objects in water 700 miles off the last known location of QZ8501. It was later confirmed by Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla that the object was not from QZ8501.


CNA reports that the weather at the Belitung Island search zone is cloudy, with waves approximately 1m to 2m high. Chief Commander of the Manggar Navy Base Purwanto says that it will probably rain, but the search for the missing jet will still continue, except in extreme conditions. As 9:12am this morning, it was confirmed that Indonesia will widen air search for the missing plane from 5 areas to a more detailed 13-area search zone today:


Meanwhile, AirAsia Bhd Group CEO Tan Sri Tony Fernandes continues to update us on the situation in Surabaya, where he has chosen to be stationed currently, to be with the Indonesia AirAsia team as well as the next of kin of the missing plane’s passengers and crew members. In fact, in the past 24 hours or so, he has travelled from Kuala Lumpur to Surabaya, from Surabaya to Jakarta (average flight time 1h 15min) to communicate with the SAR team, then from Jakarta back to Surabaya again to be with the families.

He hasn’t stopped tweeting since the news of the missing QZ8501 plane first broke:


For those who are seeking information about relatives or friends who may have been on board AirAsia’s Flight QZ8501, AirAsia has set established an Emergency Call Centre. The number is+622129270811 or 031-8690855 or 031-2986790 (Surabaya).

AirAsia’s Facebook page also offers timely updates on the SAR/SAL operations. Go here.


Some media outlets (both regional and international) have been reporting AirAsia’s CEO to be Tan Sri Tony Fernandes. That is inaccurate. To clear the confusion, AirAsia’s CEO is Aireen Omar, not Tan Sri Tony Fernandes. Tan Sri Tony Fernandes is AirAsia Bhd’s Group CEO.

Source: Sutton Images
AirAsia Bhd Group CEO Tan Sri Tony Fernandes (Source: Sutton Images)

AirAsia Group operates scheduled domestic and international flights to 100 destinations spanning 22 countries. Its affiliate airlines are:

  • AirAsia India
  • AirAsia X
  • AirAsia Zest
  • AirAsia Japan (relaunch announced in July 2014, first flight scheduled to depart in 2015)
  • Indonesia AirAsia
  • Indonesia AirAsia X
  • Philippines AirAsia
  • Thai AirAsia
  • Thai AirAsia X

Our thought and prayers are with the families, friends, and loved one of all of those who were on board QZ8501, as well as those who are affected by this.

Also, kudos to the hardworking SAR/SAL teams involved in the search. Stay strong!

More to come as and when we get updates.

Sources: AirAsia Wikipedia, CNA, AirAsia’s Facebook page.

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