Well, this came as a complete surprise to us!

DJ/producer Gareth Emery took to his Facebook page to make a few announcements in one massive announcement a few hours ago. In a lengthy post, Gareth (otherwise more affectionately known as “Gaz”) confirmed that he’ll be taking a year-long hiatus from long haul traveling in the coming year. By long haul, this means that we probably will not be seeing him in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia anytime in 2015 although he was just here to play at Zouk Club KL last month. While the news came as a shock to many, Gaz had pretty good solid reasons as to why he had to make the difficult decision.

He’s going to be a Daddy!


Gareth Emery

It’s true what he said and we’re sure that many touring/traveling DJs/producers can attest to that – having to play at clubs and festivals around the globe constantly makes it difficult to be where it matters most. As such, Gaz has decided that perhaps it’s time he misses out on all the action in the dance music scene to attend to his impending Daddy duties. Aww 🙂

In case you missed it, here’s what he posted up:


As mentioned in his post above, Gaz will be back in 2016 with new material because the time he’s taking off will also allow him lots of studio time to work on his upcoming third album. We can’t say no to that now, can we?

Congratulations, Gaz and Kat. You’re going to make great parents!

Source: Gareth Emery's Twitter
Source: Gareth Emery’s Twitter

Can’t wait to see the baby pictures in March 🙂


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