Jimmy Fallon has done it again!

In one of his highly popular segments, he’d usually feature himself and one popular artiste (or more) to cover a charting pop song. Seeing as Christmas is right around the corner (one more sleep, you guys!), Jimmy has decided to invite both his “The Tonight Show” band aka The Roots and British boy band One Direction to come on board for a bit of a festive cheer. And what better song to cover but the all-time cheeky Christmas classic, “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town”, with classroom instruments? 😉

Jimmy Fallon One Direction


Instrument list as follows:

  • Jimmy Fallon – wood block, Casio keyboard
  • Harry – kazoo, bass drum
  • Niall – banana shaker
  • Louis – tambourine
  • Liam – coconuts
  • Zayn – triangle
  • Questlove – hand clackers
  • Mark Kelley – Fisher Price drum, kazoo
  • Kamal Gray – xylophone
  • James Poyser – melodica
  • Captain Kirk – ukulele
  • Tuba Gooding Jr. – toy saxophone
  • Frank Knuckles – bongos
  • Black Thought – sleigh bells

For this, we’re putting aside our favourite Christmas carols of all time as well as our favourite Christmas-themed songs by K-Pop idols playlist. Just for a little while.

You need to watch it:


Merry Christmas, you guys!

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