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Hear that? It’s the collective sound of a million hearts breaking because “Broadwalk Empire” actor Michael Pitt will no longer play Mason Verger in the “Hannibal” TV series. Michael Pitt’s departure from the series definitely came as a shocking piece of news for most Hannibal fans aka “Fannibals” as the actor has done an incredible job portraying Mason Verger.

Michael Pitt as Mason Verger


Mason Verger is one of the central characters in Thomas Harris’ novel of the same name and the character was first portrayed by Gary Oldman in “Silence of the Lambs”. Mason Verger is a sadistic role in the series as he often abuses his sister, Margot Verger (played by Katharine Isabelle). Despite his short stint in the series, Michael Pitt has received rave reviews from critics for his outstanding performance and he was even nominated by Entertainment Weekly for the “Best Guest Actor” award.

However, sources have told TV Line that the actor himself made the decision to exit the series and his role will now be portrayed by “The River” star Joe Anderson. The British actor unofficially confirmed the report about the recast by posting various Instagram pictures of himself as Mason Verger with a mutilated face.

Joe Anderson as Mason Verger
Source: Joe Anderson’s Instagram (deleted)

Sure, it’s a shame that Michael Pitt is leaving the series and it would be a terrible lie if we said that we weren’t upset about this. However, Mason Verger has become unrecognisable with his mutilated face under the influence of Dr Hannibal Lecter’s hallucinogenic drugs. He was hypnotised to cut his own face and then feed them to himself and Will Graham’s dog.

Thus, Mason Verger will debut a “new” look in the upcoming season of “Hannibal”. Anderson has long hinted that he will be playing Mason Verger after posting a series of Instagram pictures from the Toronto set.

Check out the pictures below:

How long does it take you to put your face on in the morning? #hannibal

Uma foto publicada por Joe Anderson (@andersonjoeactor) em


Haha. #garryoldman Uma foto publicada por Joe Anderson (@andersonjoeactor) em

Meanwhile, a recurring character called Cordell is set to appear in the 3rd season of “Hannibal”. The late-thirtysomething character is said to be a potential henchman to Mason as he is described as a “quiet, very intelligent and definitely creepy” personal doctor to Mason. He is also described for being “attentive and gentle with Mason, a professional who cares about his work” but fans could “get a sense he might be as sadistic as his boss”.

What do you think on the recast? Do you like it? Share your thoughts in the comments box below.


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