It has happened. Clara has officially released a brand spanking new music video for her new digital single, “Gwiyomi Song 2”. Which is basically a more upbeat remake or rather, a remix of the original “Gwiyomi Song”.

A week ago, we wrote that South Korean actress Clara is set to bring the “Gwiyomi” trend back from dead. The “Gwiyomi Song” was originally recorded by South Korean female singer Hari, who explained that the song is about the love between a girl and a boy. The song went viral last year due to a series of cute hand movements popularised by Jung Ilhoon, the rapper of Korean boy group BtoB. The rapper created the hand movements “Gwiyomi Player” through a segment called “The Aegyo Battle” (Battle of Cuteness) in South Korean variety show “Weekly Idol” back in October 2012.

Since then, many Korean celebrities and Asian netizens jumped onto the trend to show their own versions onto the internet.


Clara Gwiyomi 2

“Gwiyomi Song 2” is produced by Dandi, the same producer of the original “Gwiyomi (Cutie) Song,” and it was revealed that were a lot of requests for a remake from fans. Though we can’t really understand why. However, if you’ve always been unfamiliar with the original “Gwiyomi Song”, then here’s your renewed chance to get to know it – complete with the hand movements and all that jazz.

In the music video, Clara exudes a colourful and bright personality as she shows off her “cutie player” skills, decked in psychedelic outfits. One might say that she looks like she just walked right out of a comic strip. And speaking of comics, the “Gwiyomi Song 2” music video also featured an international guest star!

Recognise him? Yup. Clara dropped the big surprise via her official Facebook page shortly before the release of the “Gwiyomi Song 2” music video when she uploaded a picture of herself and Marvel mastermind, Stan Lee. She even got him to perform the “Gwiyomi” cutie player in the music video!


What do you guys think? Did Clara do justice to the original “Gwiyomi” song? Do you love it or hate it? Let us know in the comments box below.

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