The trailer for Netflix’s “Daredevil” should be on its way soon as the production has recently wrapped up the filming of season finale of Marvel‘s 13-part series.

Showrunner Steven S. DeKnight took to Twitter to announce the production wrap:

The TV adaptation of Marvel’s “Daredevil” is the first of Netflix’s multi-show deal with Marvel. Entertainment Weekly recently spoke to DeKnight about how Daredevil is going to be like on Netflix.

Comparing it to the 2003’s movie of the same name (staring Ben Affleck), DeKnight stated that the series is “the exact opposite” of the film adaptation of Marvel’s “Daredevil”. Best known for executive producing Starz original series “Spartacus”, DeKnight stated that the content for Netflix’s “Daredevill” is going to be “a little grittier and edgier than Marvel has gone before”. However, the origin story remain unchanged as he added that they’re “not looking to push it to extreme violence or gratuitous nudity.”

Marvel TV chief Jeph Loeb also said:

There aren’t going to be people flying through the sky; there are no magic hammers.

He also added that the production is approaching the series as “a crime drama first, superhero show second”.

Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock - Daredevil


Prior to the release of the series, Entertainment Weekly released new stills from Marvel’s upcoming series, featuring Charlie Cox as the titular character.

Best known for his role in “Stardust” and HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire”, the English actor stars in the series as Matt Murdock, a lawyer by day who hunts criminals by night. The new stills have put away fans’ worries as the superhero will still be getting his iconic red costume. However, he’ll be seen donning the black duds (inspired by Frank Miller’s graphic novel “Daredevil: Man Without Fear”) seen in the first official image released by Marvel earlier in October.

Charlie Cox

The character Cox plays is blinded as a child. Thus, when asked about his biggest challenge about playing a handcippaed character, Cox revealed that navigating Murdock’s daily routine was trickier than fighting bad guys. He said:

Like, I put on a shirt but I can’t look where the buttons are, because Daredevil wouldn’t know where the buttons are. But I also can’t fumble.

Check out the photos that was posted by Marvel in the gallery below:

Set to hit Netflix in 2015, “Daredevil” is one of the first Netflix’s multi-show deal with Marvel as Netflix has signed to develop 4 TV shows with Marvel including adaptations of “A.K.A. Jessica Jones”, “Iron Fist”, and “Luke Cage”.


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