Did you know?  TS Entertainment, the agency that recently found itself embroiled in a lawsuit drama with one of its K-Pop idol groups, B.A.P, will soon debut a new K-Pop idol girl group, “SONAMOO”. SONAMOO means “pine tree” in Korean and it symbolises the meaning of “creating music so full of life like a pine tree” and to send “the rightful message through music”. The 7-member group is also known as Secret’s “sister group”.

In fact, they’ve recently unveiled the group’s members!



And now, after leaving fans breathless with anticipation, TS Entertainment has finally released SONAMOO’s very first video teaser for their upcoming debut!

Released via the agency’s YouTube channel on 18th Dec (Thursday) with the (obvious) title, “Debut Trailer”, the minute odd video starts off with a shot of a pine tree forest. Because that’s what “SONAMOO” means in Korean. Then, the video moves on to showcase the members’ syrupy sweet vocals. Watch it for yourselves here:

Aren’t the girls pretty?

Rumour also has it that their debut track will be titled “Green Moon” but we’ll just have to wait and see if that’s indeed true. Hang on to your seats, SONAMOO will officially debut on 29th Dec.

For more information, visit SONAMOO’s Facebook page.

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