Sure, we’re all excited about the fifth instalment of the “Pirates of The Caribbean” film series. For starters, we’ve not seen another “Pirates of The Caribbean” movie since 2011. Secondly, we hear that a possible reboot of the entire film franchise could happen for “Pirates of The Caribbean 5”. And thirdly, there are even talks about Orlando Bloom returning to reprise his role as Will Turner or some other role, we don’t know, nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

So imagine our surprise when we saw this suspicious looking poster lurking around our Facebook and Twitter news feeds:

Pirates of The Carribbean 5 Asian Region Casting


As stated in the poster above, there’s a rumoured open casting call for “Pirates of The Caribbean 5”, casting locals from Asian region for background/extras. It also goes on to say that men and women of all ages are needed to create the fictional setting of a distance exotic island, to play villagers, sailors, and pirates. Best of all, no real acting experience is actually needed for positions that will be paid. Also, it states that “Pirates of The Caribbean 5” film will be shooting around Dominica in March and April. Whoa, wait. Hold up.


A quick Google/Wikipedia search will tell you that Dominica is an island nation in the Lesser Antilles region of the Caribbean Sea, south-southeast of Guadeloupe and northwest of Martinique.


Yes, it sure is a beautiful island with the best diving and hiking in that region. But alas, it’s located at The Caribbean.

“Pirate of The Caribbean 5” had its filming location confirmed back in October and guess what? The film is not going to be shot at The Caribbean.

Instead, it will be shot primarily in Queensland, Australia. We know it’s legit because a spokesman for Australian Attorney-General and Minister for the Arts, George Brandis confirmed that The Walt Disney Studios is set to shoot the fifth “Pirates of the Caribbean” film there. The production is expected to be based at the Village Roadshow Studios on the Gold Coast before traveling to other locations in the state.

Pirates of the Caribbean 5

According to THR, Brandis said in a statement that the government has made a landmark deal with the studio by approving the location-based incentives that cost a whopping $18.9 million (AUS$21.6 million) to secure the shoot.


This film will be the largest international feature film ever to shoot in Australia and will focus the world’s attention on Australia as a leading film destination,” Brandis said in a statement.

Also, another big telling sign that the “Pirates of The Caribbean Asian Region Casting” poster was as fake as fake can get was this:

Any questions? Yup, didn’t think so.

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Also, don’t believe everything you see/read on the Internet.

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