We hate to be the bringer of bad news but K-Pop idol boy group MBLAQ members Lee Joon and Cheondung (Thunder) have officially announced that they’ll be leaving the 5-member group following the expiration of their contracts with label J. Tune Camp.

Speculations about Lee Joon and Cheondung leaving first ran wild sometime in October, when Star News reported that Lee Joon has not resigned with J.Tune Camp. Industry insiders told Star News that Lee Joon’s move was because he wants to focus on his acting career. On the very same day, it was revealed that Cheondung will be leaving the group as well. Korean media outlet TV Report revealed that he’ll halt all his activities so that he can move forward and become a solo artiste or producer instead.



Lee Joon and Cheondung’s exclusive contracts with J. Tune Camp ended in late November but the agency denied the rumours, stating that Lee and Cheondung were in talks with the company about their future activities. The announcement came with the 2 members’ legal representative sending out a press release just today.

The press release revealed that Lee Joon and Cheongdung will be moving forward with their individual activities, though is it yet to be known if they will sign a contract with J. Tune Camp and continue to be managed by the agency.

MBLAQ's Cheondung (Thunder) & Lee Joon
MBLAQ’s Cheondung (Thunder) & Lee Joon

The press release stated:


This is Lee Joon and Thunder’s law firm Haesol (lawyer in charge: Na Hyung Jin). On behalf of our clients Lee Joon and Thunder, we are here to make clear our position regarding the truth about the two’s contracts as well as their future activities.

First, Lee Joon and Thunder’s contract with J.Tune Camp as well as their MBLAQ activities have ended with their Curtain Call concert at the end of November.

And as for their future activities, Lee Joon will solely focus on filming his onging drama “Mister Baek”, while Thunder will be focusing on music studies.

Lastly, we’d like to thank all the fans who have given their support and love to our clients these past 5 years, and the two will repay fans with a more matured image. Thank you.


According to K-Pop Herald citing J. Tune Camp, despite the departure of the 2 members, MBLAQ will not disband. MBLAQ’s remaining members are Seungho, G.O and Mir. So rest assured, this is not the end of them yet.

Good luck, Lee Joon and Cheondung, and all the best to MBLAQ too!

Sources: AKP, K-Pop Herald.

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