The moment all Jay Chou fans have been waiting for is finally here. No, we’re not talking about his wedding, not just yet.

Released as a global exclusive on Spotify, the Taiwanese singer-songwriter’s latest single, “算什麼男人” (What Kind of Man Are You?) is now available on Spotify from 16th – 18th Dec. Jay Chou‘s single single is a follow-up to “鞋子特大號” (Extra Large Shoes), from his upcoming new album. With Jay Chou’s latest album,”哎呦, 不錯哦” (Aiyo, Not Bad), slated to be released on 26th Dec, Spotify is offering fans a glimpse into one of this year’s most anticipated album days before the album’s official mainstream release.

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Just as well, since Jay Chou was recently revealed as the most streamed Asian artist on Spotify. On top of that, his latest album will also celebrate the region’s most iconic artiste’s return to the pop charts after a 2-year break.


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For more information, visit Spotify Malaysia’s Facebook page.

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