Arguably one of this year’s standout songs, the radio ready “You’re On” has finally received its own stylised MV. One that’s so futuristic, it cold easily be mistaken for Porter Robinson’s “Lionhearted”.

The wonderboy behind it all, 20-year-old DJ/producer/artiste Madeon personally handpicked UK soulster Kyan to be featured in the track. “You’re On” is also the lead single off Madeon’s highly anticipated debut album, “ADVENTURE”, something that he has had in the pipeline for years now!

Madeon You're On


Helmed by acclaimed directors Oskar Gullstrand and Carl-Johan Listherby of NAIVE AB, the “You’re On” MV is the first instalment of a trilogy focused on a young woman, Asteria, and a young man, Icarus.

Fun fact: “Icarus” is also the name of a Madeon track which was released in 2012. The song was featured on the soundtrack for a Microsoft’s Xbox 360 racing game Forza Horizon.

Set in a remote city, in an undefined future, Asteria is rest­less to see more of the outside world. The speechless story then follows Asteria and her headphones. One night, while looking over the city through her window, she sees a tower illuminate with glorious orange light. The next day, she notices a man, Icarus, with a tattoo on his wrist similar to the pattern (on the tower) she saw the night before. She follows Icarus only to land herself in a nightclub where, unsurprisingly, Madeon is playing.


Asteria then chases Icarus down some streets until they come upon a sign that they both touch, causing the tower in the desert to light up as an ominous “To Be Continued” comes onto the screen.

Watch the MV here:

We know, right? Pretty amazing for a lead single off a debut album! We can’t wait to see the rest of the MVs in the trilogy and watch how this will all end 😀


“You’re On” is available on iTunes here. “ADVENTURE” will be released on Columbia Records in 2015.

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