Following the success of the film adaptation of Veronica Roth’s YA dystopian novel “Divergent“, Shailene Woodley and Theo James will return to the sequel of the film, “Insurgent“.

Now fugitives on the run from Erudite elite leader Jeanine (played by Kate Winslet) and the rest of the power-hungry Erudites, Tris (played by Shailene Woodley) and Four (played by Theo James) search for allies and answers in the ruins of (a futuristic version of) Chicago.

Insurgent Poster


Racing against time, they must find out what Tris’ family sacrificed their lives to protect and why the Erudites will do anything to stop them. Side by side, Tris and Four face one seemingly insurmountable challenge after another, as they unravel the secrets of the past and – ultimately – the future of their world.

Watch the full trailer here:

“Insurgent” is slated to be released in a cinema near you on 20th March 2015.

For more information, visit the movie’s website or Facebook page.

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