If you’re going to have Jipangi ice cream, you might want to think twice. Watching people try to eat this ice cream may just get a little awkward. But why, you ask?

Well, because the ice cream cone is designed to look like this:

J-shaped Ice Cream Cone
Source: annna.net

From honey comb ice cream (Milkcow) to bingsu (Caffe Bene & Dal.komm Coffee) to bakery-cafes (Tous Les Jours & Paris Baguette), the latest Korean food trend that will be brought into Malaysia is the ice cream in a cane-shaped puffed corn.


It is unclear whether the shape is intentional or not, but it sure hasn’t stopped people from taking pictures with it – some in very inappropriate manners. Originating from Insa-dong in Korea, the ice cream draws locals and tourists alike every day because of its shape. While the shape is its main selling point, the ice cream has gotten rave review from the visitors because the cone made of corn flour.

Don’t be fooled by its looks though, because the cane is actually a Korean traditional corn snack called “Jipangyi”. The concept is said to be similar to pop corn, only without butter or caramel on it.

Curly Cone Ice Cream
Source: thetraveljunkie.com

The shops have only started selling it recently because the cane has a hollow shell, allowing the soft serve ice cream to be pumped into the cone from both ends.

Living up to the Korean food trend, a new dessert cafe called “Jipangi” is set to bring the cane-shaped ice cream to Malaysia soon!

According to Jipangi, the cones they use are made from pure corn, traditionally roasted in a Korean recipe. The brand further revealed that the corn is sourced from the highest quality farm in the US and the cone will be a healthier and tastier alternative for ice cream lovers compared to the conventional sugar coated cone.

Jipangi will be the first dessert cafe to sell the cane-shaped ice cream in Malaysia. The brand is set to open its store at Sunway Pyramid in December but no specific date has been announced yet.

For more information, visit Jipangi’s official Facebook page.


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