Keep “swimming” around and you land yourself brand new information. Well, at least that’s what we did.

The sequel to Pixar’s “Finding Nemo”  has been in works for almost 2 years and it was originally scheduled for release in September 2015. However, the studio decided to alter the ending of the sequel due to the depiction of a marine park in the film. The changes were made in response to the controversy over 2013’s documentary film “Blackfish”.

Finding Dory


It seems like the changes have greatly affected the plot, as Disney Pixar Studios’ president, Jim Morris, has revealed more details about “Finding Dory” at CCXP – Comic Con Experience in Brazil.

According to Collider’s partner site Omelete, the sequel is set to take place 6 months after the event that occurred in “Finding Nemo”. Morris said that the sequel will centre around Dory the forgetful fish that is now living in the same reef as the clown fishes, Marlin and Nemo. However, a class trip with Nemo suddenly makes her feel homesick and she decides to set off on a journey to find out about her past.

He added:

The movie will be mostly set at the California Marine Biology Institute, a huge complex of sea life rehabilitation and aquarium, where Dory was born and raised. We will get to meet new characters, like an octopus, sea lions, a beluga whale, among others.

Unlike its first film, the sequel seems to stray away from its quest-narrative genre although Dory is on the quest to find her parents. The new characters will surely affect the plot a lot, especially with Eugene Levy and Diane Keaton voicing Dory’s parents Charlie and Jenny.

It was confirmed that TV host Ellen Degeneres will reprise her role as Dory while Albert Brooks will return to voice Marlin. “Modern Family” actor Ty Burrell is set to voice a beluga whale in the film as well.

We’re pretty sure that more details will be announced in the near future as the film is slated for release on June 17, 2016, which is still over a year and a half away. So keep checking back with us for more details!


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