Photo via Kaskade on Facebook
Photo via Kaskade on Facebook

Kaskade can do whatever he pleases.

American dance music icon Ryan Raddon, better known by his stage name Kaskade, shared a Tumblr post, to let the world know that he is launching a new label designed to satisfy the “dire need for new talent to be brought to the forefront.” The 43-year-old DJ/producer went on to state that his new label “Arkade” would be used to promote “one-of-a-kind” music.

Now, if there’s anyone you’d want to be starting their own label, it would be Kaskade. The man is fully equipped to wear the label boss hat because, in addition to producing and DJing, the US-based icon has also owned and operated a record store, pressed CDs and worked at both a recording studio and a record label. Plus, his years of experience and success serves as a bonus.


The label’s name, “Arkade” is based on Kaskade’s memories from spending time at Dog Ear Records, an arcade-record shop hangout where he spent many after-school hours digging through crates of vinyl through his younger days. Kaskade hopes Arkade will serve a similar purpose in educating listeners on up-and-coming talents.

A website has already been created for the “Arkade” and while there might no be much information on it yet, you can visit it here.

For more on Kaskade, stalk him via these platforms: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.


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