You’ve already heard that EXO’s (now ex-member) Kris Wu Yi Fan will be featured in an upcoming Chinese movie, “Somewhere Only We Know”. The movie will be based on the romantic endeavours of a career woman and star other rookie actors, although Kris will play the male lead. Filming started on 24th June this year in Prague, Czech Republic, not long after Kris filed for lawsuit against SM Entertainment.

After which, we were treated to a series of pictures that were taken during the filming of the movie, which were posted via the film’s director Xu Jing Lei’s Weibo, and then shared by Kris via his own Weibo. In case you missed it, here:

While the above pictures didn’t really give much insight on the role that Kris will play or whether or not fans will be able to see a lot of Kris, a “Somewhere Only We Know” teaser video will do the trick! One YouTube user uploaded the short 2-minute long clip which shows more Kris than anyone can ever ask for. Also, with what little that we can gather from the teaser video, the story is more or less based on an awkward relationship (because funny moments ensue) between Kris and the older, more matured career woman.


Watch, before it gets taken down:

“Somewhere Only We Know” is expected to hit theatres on Valentine’s Day next year. We gotta admit that we really, really do want to watch the film!

Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out the song that Kris himself penned for the film titled, “There Is A Place“.

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