One of the best rides we’ve ever had at Universal Studios Singapore (USS) is “Battlestar Galactica: Human vs Cylon”. The Battlestar Galactica roller coaster provides 2 different coaster experiences with the on-going “battle” between the Humans and Cylons. Launched at high speeds with loops and inversion, the ride has received rave reviews from coaster fans, prompting thrill seekers to put both rides into their bucket list. Despite being one of 16 attractions of the theme park, the coaster was closed indefinitely for review since 21st July 2013.

It wasn’t the first time the coaster was closed for repair as Universal Studios Singapore has previously closed the coaster for 11 months due to a technical problem in the design of the ride vehicles. The coaster went through extensive ride testing cycles to ensure that the newly reinforced cars are safe to operate. The ride was then opened officially on 21st Feb 2011 before being closed again in 2013.

USS Battlestar Galactica


However, the wait for the coaster to be reopened is finally over as Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) has announced on their blog that the tallest duelling roller coaster in the world is back for good!

The coaster is targeted to re-open in early 2015 with new 2-seat ride vehicles, giving riders “a more intimate and personal ride experience”. Admittedly, the change isn’t huge but the park was required to run some rides testing cycles and get re-certified before it reopens to the public. According to Dejiki, the tracks of the roller coaster remain the same but the new ride vehicles are noticeably quieter and smoother on the Human track. As such, the coaster experience might be less bumpy and rickety than the one we’ve had in the past.

Battlestar Galactica Two-Seat Ride Vehicles

RWS has not given any explanation about its review but they have stated that the reopening date of the coaster will be announced soon.

So, are you think what we are thinking? Yup, time to make a trip down to Singapore soon, especially for Malaysians who will have a lot of long weekends in 2015! 😉

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