If you were at Mid Valley Megamall over the weekend, you would’ve noticed that there were long queues almost everywhere you went.

From the newly opened Magnum Cafe to Milkcow Malaysia (The Gardens, Mid Valley) to Tim Ho Wan, Malaysian goodies “invaded” the mall to get a taste of the food that was being served at the new eateries that’ve opened up in Mid Valley Megamall. Walking around the mall surely wasn’t easy! Oh, but there’s no way you could’ve missed this:

Madame Waffle Free Waffles


Free waffles? Yes, count us in!

We can’t think of any explanations for the waffles frenzy in Malaysia, just like how we can’t explain the nation’s previous obsession with donuts (Big Apple, Krispy Kreme, Dunkin Donuts, etc). The donut hype may have died down but a new dessert trend has taken the nation by storm. As such, waffles and ice creams have been considered as the latest dessert trends that have hit town.

Madame Waffle in Mid Valley

There are many different types of waffles but the most common types that we’ve recently tried are the American waffles and the Belgium waffles. But now, at Mid Valley Megamall, patrons can get a taste of Liege waffles from Madame Waffle, located on Level 3.

Alternatively known as gaufres de chasse (hunting waffles), Liege waffle is smaller-in-size but sweeter and chewier than other waffles. Ironically, Liege waffle is also the most common type of waffle found in Belgium instead of the “Belgium waffle”. Madame Waffle prioritises the quality of its waffles by sourcing only the finest ingredients from Japan and Belgium to make its signature artisan waffles.

Madame Waffle - Flavours

Made from yeasted dough, there are 6 different flavours available for the Liege waffles at Madame Waffle – original, matcha, chocolate, white chocolate, honey, and cinnamon. According to Madame Waffle’s Facebook page, the waffles are baked daily on site and best enjoyed together with a cup of their speciality house blend coffee which is roasted by a multiple international award winning Master Barista.

The coffee served at Madame Waffle is under collaboration with “M” Espresso Sporting Club. By using 100% Arabica grade coffee to blend their beans, Madame Waffle aims to provide the best coffee that can be paired with their artisan waffles.


Madame Waffle - Coffee

To celebrate its opening, the Japanese style quick-service cafe invited Dato Jimmy Choo to grace the event. The cafe also gave out free waffles to the first 150 customers in line. This is, of course, a special deal that was only available on 29th and 30th November.

Did you miss it? See the pictures here:

Located at Mid Valley Megamall, Madame Waffle can be found at Lot T-045, 3rd floor of the mall. Time to go savour some of them waffles, we say! We’ll race you there 😉

For more information, visit Madame Waffle’s official Facebook page.

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