Having recently gone public about his love life for the first time in a long time, Taiwan singer Jay Chou has revealed that he intends to hold not one, but 2 wedding celebrations when he attended a media conference for the band CUG in Taiwan on Tuesday (25th Nov).

“There will be one in Taiwan and one overseas. I’ll invite everyone to have a meal, but not to take photos,” Chou told reporters, pointing out that he won’t be holding one in Paris as some rumours claimed, and would make the details of his nuptials public in due time.

“Don’t worry, I’ll tell everyone. Just wait a little longer.”

Source: kunring Weibo
Hannah Quinlivan (Source: kunring Weibo)

Chou, who had previously announced that he’d marry before turns 36, added that he hoped “everyone will give me some personal space”.

The singer said he will “definitely get married by 18th Jan (his birthday)” though he conceded that he hasn’t proposed to his girlfriend, model Hannah Quinlivan yet, and will be taking time off from his promotional activities for his upcoming new album and concerts to focus on preparing for his nuptials.

The singer’s good friend and choreographer, CUG member Ice Cream, let slip during the event that he had “accidentally caught a glimpse” of Chou and Quinlivan’s bridal photos. He described the photos as being “gorgeous” with a “music video-like feel”.

Ice Cream said Chou actually got to know Quinlivan through him. The choreographer added that he found Quinlivan to be a “pure and guileless girl” when they first met.

Source: Jay Chou's Weibo
Source: Jay Chou’s Weibo

We can’t wait for more details on Jay Chou and Hannah’s wedding plans! Exciting times 😀

Source: CNA.

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