Surprise, surprise. YG’s second hip-hop project might be the best hip-hop project ever put together by YG Entertainment as Korean rapper Masta Wu aka Woo Gin Won is revealed to be part of “YG HIPHOP Project 2”.

Some people would recognise him as one of the pioneers at YG Entertainment but others would probably know him from YG’s rapping survival show “Show Me The Money 3”. In the show, he teamed up with Epik High‘s Tablo to judge as a producer team.

Masta Wu and Tablo


The legendary Korean rapper has been rapping solo before BIGBANG even made their debut. He formally joined YG Entertainment in 2003 and has collaborated with various artistes under the agency including Jinusean, Lexy, Perry, Se7en, PSY, Wheesung, and Gummy.

In 2008, he formed YMGA with Digital Masta and has collaborated with BIGBANG’s G-Dragon, Teddy, Kush, Perry, and 2NE1’s CL for the single “What”. Despite the disbandment of YMGA, Masta Wu stayed active in Korea’s hip-hop music scene by providing old school hip-hop music.

Under the YG HIPHOP PROJECT, Masta Wu will once again become active as a hip-hop artiste, alongside a member of YG’s upcoming boy group, Bobby. Bobby of iKON has been actively taking part in the agency’s “Who’s Next” series as he was featured in Hi Suhyun’s “I’m Different” as a rapper. His participation in the project has certainly helped him rise to fame even before debuting as iKON in January 2015.

Now that G-Dragon and Taeyang are revealed to be the artistes featured in YG HIPHOP PROJECT 1, which artiste do you think will be joining Bobby and Masta Wu for an epic rappers collaboration under YG HIPHOP PROJECT 2? The final member of the project will be announced tonight and they will make their debut as a sub-unit on 2nd Dec.

UPDATE (Nov 28th):

More reasons to be excited about YG’s second hip-hop project as Korean rapper Dok2 revealed to be the final member of the project!

YG HIPHOP Project Dok2


Dok2 was earlier rumoured to have a collaboration with 2NE1’s CL on her new album. However, no specific details were announced about their collaboration and YG Entertainment has not respond to the rumour. But it turns out that Dok2 did work with various artistes under YG Entertainment for the agency’s hip-hop project. It is definitely an exciting project to watch as Dok2 is a pretty well-known rapper in Korean hip-hop scene.

What do you think of the project? Are you excited about it? Because we are! 😀

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