Prepare your feels, it’s about to get a whole lot more heartening.

Porter Robinson‘s debut album “World” is arguably one the most beautiful albums released this year. To say that it is a work of art that is both tantalising and imaginative in its own right is an understatement as the album featured an expertly composed collection, inspired by Japanese culture and sentimental video games.



The album takes listeners and fans on an otherworldly journey, as such, it is only standard protocol for the EDM world to bring remixes and covers of his album, and pretty much every track on this album has been spread. Following the success of his album, the 22-year-old American DJ/producer has said that the track “Sad Machine” is one of his favourites on the album.

Fortunately, most of the singles covered on “Worlds” still maintain a high level of integrity and robustness compared to their original compositions. One remix that really stands out though is none other than Didrick & Ember Island’s cover of “Sad Machine”.


The acoustic rendition of “Sad Machine” by Didrick & Ember Island is so bone-chilling that it will definitely get all up in your feels. Produced and arranged by Didrick, the track is a definite game-changer for the young musician and has definitely placed him on the map. Swedish indie band Ember Island sends chilling vocals to the rework, providing fans and listeners with a soulful take on Porter’s lyrics that the original robotic vocaloid was missing.

While, Didrick and Ember Island may not be household names as of yet, we at Hype Malaysia can’t wait to see what will come next from these artistes. Plus, if Porter is happy with the cover, then this is definitely something worth listening to.

Check out the music video below:



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