Talk about diversity! Marvel is going all out for their commitment to diversity as the studio is set to feature a new superhero White Fox in its American comics.

Calling the character a “new” superhero doesn’t seem fitting in the context as the character has been part of the Avengers team in Marvel-licensed webtoon series, “The Avengers: Electric Rain”.


However, Marvel SVP C. B. Cebulski announced at Seoul’s DICON conference that the studio will officially introduce the popularised character in the Marvel universe through its American comics.

Based on the Korean myth of the 9-tailed fox (Gumiho), White Fox is an original character created by Korean comic creator Young Hoon-ko for the webtoon that was produced by Disney Korea and Korean web portal Daum. The character was brought into Marvel with minor tweaks and has received huge reception in Korea. And because of that, Marvel decided to bring the character into its comic book continuity.

Marvel White Fox

White Fox isn’t the only original character that was brought into Marvel’s comic books as ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’s characters will make their comic book debuts in an upcoming S.H.I.E.L.D series as well. Firestar and X-23 who made their debut in 1981 through NBC animated television series “Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends” were also brought into Marvel’s comic book continuity as well.

White Fox’s appearance also marks Marvel’s latest attempt to bring diversity into its comics universe after Sam Wilson replaced Steve Rogers and became the first African-American Captain America. The studio also introduced the first female Thor and Muslim superhero Kamala Khan in 2 Marvel Comics project. In fact, Marvel also celebrated its 100th anniversary by featuring Kuala Lumpur in one of its many 100th Anniversary Special Series.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Marvel continues to introduce superhero of diverse race and culture. What do you think of Marvel’s attempt to bring diversity into its comics universe? Do you think it’s a good change? Share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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