MBLAQ’s management agency revealed a teaser image of the group’s seventh EP on its official homepage amid rumours that the group was going to break up. The rumours spread like wildfire after news reports that group member Lee Joon’s contract with J.Tune Camp will soon expire.

In case you didn’t hear, it was reported earlier in October that Lee Joon from MBLAQ will be leaving his group after his contract with his agency, J.Tune Camp has ended. Industry insiders told Star News that Lee Joon did not re-sign the contract with J.Tune Camp as he wants to focus on his acting career.

Lee Joon and Thunder


Then, moments after the news broke, it was revealed that 2NE1 member Dara’s brother, Thunder (Cheondung) will be leaving the group as well. Korean media outlet, TV Report revealed that Thunder will halt all his activities so that he can move forward to become a solo artiste or a producer instead.

“I and my agency are discussing the matter and I’d like to reveal the details when they’re determined,” Lee said of the reports later.

Despite their rumoured departure from the group, both Lee Joon and Thunder will still participate in MBLAQ’s upcoming concert, “MBLAQ Curtain Call” on 29th and 30th of November. And now, it seems that MBLAQ seventh EP is still happening, amidst the rumours!

MBLAQ Comeback 2014

MBLAQ’s seventh EP will be stuffed with songs composed by the members. The digital tracks and the CD will both be available on 25th Nov. Music pundits were quick to say that the title “Curtain Call” indicates that it may be Lee Joon’s last concert as an MBLAQ member.

What do you guys think? And who’s looking forward to MBLAQ’s comeback? 😉


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