Lee Chong Wei has learnt a painful lesson from his doping scandal.

And the 32-year-old shuttler, who is currently restricted to training at the Juara Stadium in Bukit Kiara, hoped his experience would serve as an example for others so that no one would undergo the same ordeal. His advice is simple – always be careful and know what is being administered in your body.

Lee Chong Wei Doping


On Tuesday, the Badminton World Federation (BWF) suspended Chong Wei from all tournaments after both his A and B samples were found positive for banned substance dexamethasone. Chong Wei, who failed a dope test at the World Championships in Copenhagen on 30th Aug, is banned until a hearing is carried out by BWF, most likely in the first week of December.

He faces a 2-year ban.

Chong Wei said that if he had a chance to turn back the clock, he would have gone for a medical screening before the World Championships. He said after sparring with the national shuttlers on 17th Nov (Monday):

I trusted the doctor completely..after all, I was just getting treatment for my injury. I am not an expert in all these medical stuff. I just know the number of feathers in a shuttle and what tension is needed on a racquet.

Now, as I look back, I would have surely done a medical test before going to Copenhagen. It’s too late now and all I can do is wait for the hearing.

My case should be an eye opener for others. I am sure the National Sports Institute will now be extra careful on what is given to athletes. And I hope all athletes will take the trouble to know what kind of medical assistance they are getting during rehabilitation.

I hope they will learn from my case.

On a lighter note, when asked about his new braces, Chong Wei jested, “I got it fixed last week. If I don’t get to continue my badminton career, at least I’ll look handsome so that I can go into acting.”


Malaysia's Lee Chong Wei is pictured at the net during his men's singles semi-final badminton match against China's Lin Dan at Gyeyang Gymnasium at the 17th Asian Games in Incheon

And that, folks, is why he’s our national hero, great sense of humour and all.

Don’t even pretend that didn’t make you smile 🙂


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