Mandopop superstar Jay Chou gave his fans a rare glimpse into his love life when he posted 2 photos of himself and girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan on his product brand Mr. J’s Weibo micro blog account early on Monday (17th Nov) morning. The high-profile release of the photos was unusual for Jay Chou, whose relationships have been quite low-key.

In fact, his romance with pop star Jolin Tsai was never acknowledged even after it ended in 2005, with him leaving her for television host Patty Hou.

Jay Chou GF
Source: Jay Chou’s Weibo

Chou performed in Kuala Lumpur on 14th and 15th Nov. In a message which accompanied the photos, he explained his decision to post the pictures:


Yesterday, after the concert, I received a lot of well-wishes from my fans, who hoped that I will be happy. I am very moved seeing you all at my concert. Some of you even brought your children and entire family to the show, and shared your joy with me. It has been 14 years, so I think it’s my turn to share my joy with you all.

Although he has been linked to Quinlivan since 2011, they have never made a public appearance together. In June, he said he would be married before his 36th birthday in January, but did not name his bride.

The micro blog post has since attracted about 100,000 comments. The majority wished Chou and his girlfriend well, but there were also some fans who expressed sadness that their idol is now clearly off the market.

Source: Jay Chou's Weibo
Source: Jay Chou’s Weibo

We think they look absolutely sweet together! Congrats, Jay Chou 🙂

Can’t wait for the big day!

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