How observant are you?

One of the customers in Tomy Gun’s Shear Madness Hair & Beauty Salon, has murdered Isabel Fernandez, Malaysia’s most famous pianist! But who? You and the rest of the audience have been watching them all come and go, getting their hair washed or cut. And you know one of them as to be the murderer. You think you know who did it? Great.

Shear Madness Cast


So, you get to question the cast of suspects – all customers in Tomy’s hairdressing salon. In fact, Tomy (played by Qahar) is a prime suspect, as is the beautician, Chanel (played by Marina Tan). As are the other 4 customers! 6 of them! So whodunit?

Show director Richard Harding Gardner said:

It’s basically a live version of Law & Order or CSI. Shear Madness was originally created to train managers. When I first saw Shear Madness at The Kennedy Center, Washington DC, I was amazed at just how observant the audience was! Stuff that I had missed, someone, somewhere in the audience pounced on it! Come and see if you can work out whodunit! But I’ll give you a clue… it’s not the same person every night!

Don’t miss Malaysia’s finest in Shear Madness – Phoon Chi Ho, Qahar Aqilah, Marina Tan, Junji Delfino, Na’a Murad, and Alfred Loh.


Deets are as follows:

Date: 26th Nov – 7th December 2014
Time: Wed – Fri @ 8.30pm; Sat 3pm & 8.30pm; Sun 3pm & 7pm
Venue: PJ Live Arts, Jaya One
Ticketing: Go here for more information

For more information, visit Gardner & Wife Theatre’s website.

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