For almost 10 years now, YouTube has been the go-to video platform for video logs (vlogs), documentaries, short films, web series, comedy skits, movie trailers, celebrity interviews, live video streaming, video game reviews, music videos, the list goes on and on. In that universe, if you dipped your hand (or rather, mouse cursor) deep enough, you’d find just about every song imaginable ranging from oldie-but-goldies, originals, covers, parodies, etc. So it comes as no surprise as to why YouTube rakes in more than one billion monthly visitors.

Yes, it’s crazily popular. And this next piece of news is going to blow the top off its popularity!

YouTube Music Key


Yesterday, YouTube announced that they’re officially entering the music business. You see, the Google-owned video sharing site will soon launched a paid service that aims to offer customers the access to high-quality versions of millions of songs.

Called the “YouTube Music Key”, it’s a long-awaited upgrade of YouTube’s music offerings. They’ve even formally unveiled a portal on their homepage, as well as mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices:

The paid service includes higher quality audio for most songs and give users the option of paying USD8 a month for extra features e.g. offline playing, removing YouTube’s ads. So imagine an ad-free listening experience for more than 30 million songs (included through its parent company’s Google Play Music service).

A huge perk, if you asked us!

YouTube said in a press release:

If a song exists in this world, you can probably find it on YouTube. But until today you couldn’t easily find and play full albums. In the coming days, you’ll be able to see an artist’s discography on YouTube, and play a full album with both their official music videos and high-quality songs our music partners added to YouTube.

You’ve watched, shared, remixed, invented, parodied, and whatever-ed your favourite songs, making YouTube the ultimate place for artistes and fans to connect. To celebrate all that music and unlock new ways to enjoy, we’re making it easier to find new music on YouTube and rock out to old favourites. Plus, we’re starting the launch of a new subscription service that lets you watch and listen to music without ads, in the background or offline.

Starting today, you’ll see a new home just for music on your YouTube app for Android, iOS and on that shows your favourite music videos, recommended music playlists based on what you’re into and playlists of trending music across YouTube.


Could the YouTube Music Key be giving the other music streaming platform aka Spotify a run for their money?

Maybe 😉

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