Last weekend, Turkish DJ/producer Deniz Koyu returned to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia after a year to give partygoers the time of their lives at Zouk Club KL. No stranger to Kuala Lumpur, the last time he was in our beautiful country was in March for Future Music Festival Asia. Although the event got cancelled, the party didn’t stop as Deniz Koyu along with Knife Party and Bassjackers took the party to Zouk Club KL.

Now, a couple of months on, Deniz Koyu makes his way back to Malaysia and we find out if he’s just as excited to be back here.

Photo via Zouk Club KL

Hey Deniz! How’s it going? Are you excited to be back?


Hey!! Good, thanks! Yourself? Of course I am. It’s my third time here and I’m also so excited to be here. The last time I came down was in March for Future Music Festival Asia but it was cancelled and we came over to Zouk to play. The crowd was amazing, it’s always so great to be in KL.

I’m good, thanks! As someone who has travelled and played all across the globe, what would you say sets aside the Malaysian crowd from the rest?

Hmm…I would say that the Asian crowd in general is much more excited as compared to the crowd in Europe and America and that’s amazing for us because we can feel the excitement. I think the Asian crowd, even here in Malaysia, are not used to having big DJs play every weekend like in America so it’s still fresh here and it’s great for us to come here because we can feel the love and excitement.

With the way dance music has evolved, how would you say your sound has changed since you first started three years ago?

I think I’ve grown with the scene and what fans want to listen to. From playing shows, I get a lot of feedback and vibes from the crowd. I think when I started 3 years ago, my sound was a little slower, more house music feel, a little less energetic as compared to now. My sound now is more energetic but I think it’s just a phase and the music is moving towards a new direction soon. There’s this new thing called “Future House” that’s going to be the next big thing. I think the sound is going to change a lot next year and this hard EDM stuff is going to slow down. But in general, I don’t really pay much attention to what’s happening around me and focus more on my own thing. As compared to before, now I have done more vocal records and melodic stuff. If you’ve heard my latest track “To The Sun”, you’ll notice it’s more melodic and progressive.

Photo via Zouk Club KL

Oh yes, we have and we love it! Speaking of “To The Sun”, is there anything else that we can look forward to from you this year? What are your plans for the rest of 2014 and for the upcoming 2015?

Thank you! I actually have lots of tracks finished at the moment, but we’re still trying to figure out the schedule for release. I’m planning to release one track by this year but I’m not sure if it’s going to work out. I have another one coming up on Protocol Records, that’s a vocal record as well. A melodic track that’s very uplifting and I’ve been playing it at shows for the past 2 months or so and it has always been very well received so I’m quite excited for that one. I also have a collaboration called “Torn Apart” with Thomas Gold. We actually wanted to release it a long time ago, almost a year now, but we always go back to the studio to tweak this and that to make it perfect. I think it’s finished now. Haha. But other than that, a lot of shows coming up. The usual around this time of the year.

Sounds like you’ve got busy times ahead! If you could collaborate with one artiste from any genre, who would it be?


Oh. This is tough. Probably the toughest question ever because there are so many great singers and amazing artistes from all genres. Could be Coldplay or Ellie Goulding or M83, there’s too many. But honesty, if I had to pick just one, if I could choose, it would be Daft Punk.

Photo via Zouk Club KL
Photo via Zouk Club KL

Ooh! A collaboration with Daft Punk would be amazing! What is on your current playlist?

It would be, wouldn’t it? Someday hopefully. When I’m home and not touring, I don’t really listen to dance music so much because I listen to that all the time. I like indie and slower stuff. I like Chvrches, listen to them a lot actually.

Oh cool! Last one, who’s your biggest celebrity crush and why?

Mila Kunis! Just because. Hahaha

Thank you so much Deniz for taking the time to chat with us. Also, big thanks to our buddies from Zouk Club KL for making this happen. More pics from the night can be found in the gallery below:

* All photos via Zouk Club KL

If you want more of Deniz Koyu, stalk him via these platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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