Woollim Entertainment‘s first-ever girl groupLovelyz will temporarily debut as a 7-member girl group as member Seo Jisoo is unable to participate in the group’s promotional activities.

Despite being relatively new in the Korean music scene, Lovelyz has already been embroiled in a scandal as Seo Jisoo was caught up in a sexual harassment scandal.

Lovelyz - Seo Jisoo


The rumours only targeted at Seo Jisoo, who was said to be distributing nude photos of her former girlfriends. Rumours also ran wild that she was involved in date rape, school violence, and animal abuse.

On 12th Nov, Woollim Entertainment announced that Jisoo will not join the group’s debut showcase due to the malicious rumours. The decision was made after Jisoo was put into a hospital for mental treatment. The agency said that “Jisoo is not in good psychological condition, to the extent that she would not be able to take part in activities.”

Lovelyz Jisoo
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During an interview with TV report, the agency also said:

Seo Jisoo is caught in such an unacceptable rumor and is suffering through it. Since morning, she has not been able to calm down, so she was admitted into the hospital. For the sake of Seo Jisoo, she will first have to undergo psychological treatment. Until all treatment is over and until the culprit is caught, Seo Jisoo will not participate in any activities. But this does not mean that Seo Jisoo is out of Lovelyz.

A day before Jisoo was sent to the hospital, Star News reported that both a Woollim Entertainment rep and Jisoo had requested a formal investigation over her case at Seoul Mapo Police Station. The Korean media outlet also reported that Jisoo had assisted the police in investigation by providing the name of the persons who could be involved in spreading her personal photos and conversations on Kakao Talk.

Woollim Entertainment also told Star News that the speculations were unfounded and they are “hoping to find the one who posted and spread the original source”.


No further details have been provided about the investigation yet but the agency will still carry out Lovelyz’ debut showcase on 12th Nov at K-ART Hall in Olympic Park.


This isn’t the first time an idol group member had requested to take a break from the promotional activities as f(x)’s Sulli had also gone on hiatus due to a pregnancy rumour. While we wait for the story to unfold, what do you think of the malicious rumours? Do you think the alleged exes were trying to tarnish the group’s reputation? Share your thoughts with us in the comments box below.

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