Despite being relatively new in the Korean music scene, Woollim Entertainment’s first-ever girl group Lovelyz has already been embroiled in a scandal as a member of the group recently became the latest victim of malicious rumours.

It has been a bumpy start for the girls as malicious rumours emerged online way before the group could even debut. However, the rumours are only targeted at one particular member, Seo Ji Soo who is said to be distributing nude photos of her former girlfriends. Rumours ran wild that Ji Soo was involved in date rape, school violence, and animal abuse as the netizens claimed that Ji Soo dated a few girls in the past and distributed their naked photos.

Lovelyz Seo Jisoo
Source: Naver

According to our source, there were several accounts claiming that she had forced them into sleeping with her and took their naked pictures. All of these accounts were posted online by the people she had previously role-played with and dated. They also claimed that she had exposed one of her former girlfriends’ sexual orientation on her college’s homepage.


One of her former girlfriends said:

The reason I’m posting this is because I dated her in 2011 and we broke up because of internal issues. We started dating again in 2012 until I found out that she had spread pictures of my body.

They also released previously unseen photos of hers to prove that they actually knew her.

Seo Jisoo pre debut

Another former girlfriend of hers wrote a full account of what actually happened to her and described how the sexual harassment had almost caused her to kill herself. She said:

She took a hidden camera video of us having sex and spread it to the company that I was working for. Rumors of me being a slut began spreading even though I was simply making love to someone I had loved. The video was taken without me knowing. Now I am scared of dating anyone and for a while I couldn’t even leave my house. I quit working for my company and lied to my parents. I even tried to commit suicide. The only thing that I want now is for Ji Soo to not be happy. I don’t want her being forgiven for all of her crimes with her debut after ruining someone else’s life. I am including pictures that Seo Ji Soo personally sent me of pictures inside her company.

Other pictures of their conversations can be found in the original post, with one picture showing an adult toy that Jisoo had bought for one of her exes.

Seo Jisoo Pre Debut Picture


In addition, the original post revealed that she is a role-player who enjoyed rape fantasies about her idols. A role-playing game aka RPG is a popular online activity among Korean teens as they role-play celebrities on social networking sites. The member was said to have been role-playing as a member of INFINITE/EXO in the role-playing cafe. They claimed that she had said disturbing and sexual things like “I want to rape Do Kyungsoo”, “I wonder what color ***’s dick is”, “I want to sleep with L”, “I want to rape Kyungsoo till he bleeds” to satisfy her fantasy.

At one point, she even talked about joining Woollim Entertainment so that she could have sex with INFINITE members.

However, all of the stories and “proof” shots that have been posted just seemed like serious accusations from her alleged exes. Woollim Entertainment has since denied all the rumours and responded by saying that strong legal actions will be taken against the culprit.

Seo Jisoo selca

The full translation of the notice is as follows:

This is a notice from Woollim Entertainment. There are false rumors on the Internet about Lovelyz’ member Seo Ji Soo, and tomorrow (November 10th) we will file an official investigation about punishing the creator and spreader of these rumors. Woollim Entertainment will take strong legal action against false rumors against someone how is just about to debut, and there will be no cancellation or agreement about the suit. Thank you.

Investigations are currently underway but there has been no official announcements from the talent agency yet. Thus, it is best to take the rumours with a grain of salt as these rumours are serious accusations that inflict severe damages upon Ji Soo.

While we wait for the story to unfold, what do you think of the malicious rumours? Do you think the alleged exes are trying to tarnish the group’s reputation? Share your thoughts with us in the comments box below.

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