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Halloween is probably the only time in the year that people can dress up in costumes, slew on the funkiest or scariest makeup and not receive weird stares from others for doing so. On Halloween, almost, if not everyone, comes out to play and personally, we love the spirit and energy that we get every Halloween.



This year, Halloween fell on a Friday which only meant one thing – double the parties!

Taking note of that fact, Zouk Club KL treated clubbers and fans by throwing its “Dawn of Dead” party on November 1st (Saturday) instead of a party on the actual Halloween night. Sticking to its theme, “Dawn of Dead”, Zouk Club KL was decorated with some of the goriest props. From mummies, to chopped up bloody limbs, to a scary hospital scene, Zouk Club KL even had people dressed up in full costumes walking around “traumatising” clubbers.

Just walking into Zouk Club Kl’s compound that night was more than enough to give people the eerie feeling − all in good Halloween fun and spirit. Apart from it’s beautifully gory and creepy set up and decorations, Zouk Club KL also treated partygoers to free cotton candy and popcorn. A makeup booth was also available for those who wanted to get their face painted for free and for those who left the house with no costume or makeup on.


Truly embracing and joining in the spirit and fun of Halloween, Zouk Club KL’s resident DJs were also seen dressed in full costumes! We must say, it was beyond cool. The night saw all 3 participating rooms: Mainroom, Phuture, and Velvet jam packed! Packed to the point that there was barely any space to walk around, let alone dance – but that stopped no one as people continued to party on.

Adding to the fun, Zouk Club KL brought Italian brothers and DJ duo Vinai down for the party! The boys, known for their hit single “Bounce Generation” and collaborations with DVVBS on “Raveology” and R3hab on “How We Party”, took over the console at Mainroom at about 1am and played a 2-hour long set.

From playing their most popular tracks to their renditions of some of everyone’s most loved EDM bangers, Vinai sure showed Zouk Club KL how they f*cking party. Bringing the bounce to life, Vinai got everyone dancing and cheering for them before ending their set with a big shoutout to their Malaysian fans. The party then continued as Zouk’s all-star resident DJs took over the console to give partygoers just what they needed – a couple more hours of fun before calling it a night!



Of course, our buddies from Zouk Club KL had a little treat in store for us that Saturday night. Before all the craziness took place, we managed to catch up with Andrea and Alessandro Vinai to find out what they’ve been up to and if they were excited to be here in Kuala Lumpur.

Hi guys, how’s it going? How did you guys first get into music and production together?

Alessandro: Hi! Good. How are you? Well, we’re brothers so it’s really good because we live together, we sleep in the same room, produce in the same room, spend almost all our free time in the same room. So it’s really good because we feed off each other’s good vibes and I think that’s the key for having good teamwork. It’s not easy to find a good team, there are a lot of DJs who start but they stop after a while because they don’t feel good together but we’re still feeling good. Haha.

I’m good, thanks! And what made you get into production?

Andrea: Passion, pure passion.

Who are some of your musical influences?

Alessandro: Hmm…We don’t really have any. I mean the thing is, we don’t have any musical guru that influences us about music production. But we do have a lot of respect for different guys, and I’m talking about live performers as compared to music production. I think we need to separate live performers and music production, I mean, I think it’s good to have some to look up to when it comes to music production but you might just end up copying the guy. But live performance, I like David Guetta. He’s the best one.

Andrea: Yeah, definitely David Guetta. He’s an artiste.


Fair enough. What are you guys working on right now? More collaborations/originals?

Andrea: We’ve got one collaboration with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. A remix for R3hab and another for David Guetta. We’re also working on our new original mix.

Alessandro: Yes, lots of stuff so stay tuned! Haha

Cool! We’ll look forward to that. What would you say has been the highlight of your year so far?

Alessandro & Andrea: Playing Tomorrowland!

Haha I love how you both answered at the same time! What do the remaining 2 months in 2014 hold for Vinai?

Alessandro: I think we’re going to be focusing more on our original mixes.

Andrea: Yeah and collaborations. Hopefully one with David Guetta. Haha.


Haha! Have you guys approached David Guetta for one?

Andrea: Maybe. Haha

Alessandro: Yeah, soon. I mean, we know him. We met at Tomorrowland and he’s a really nice guy. He’s a little weird but he’s nice. Haha.

Lastly, if you could marry any celebrity, who would it be?

Alessandro: Ermmm…wow, that’s a good question actually. I don’t know. They’re all so beautiful. Maybe, Megan Fox? I mean why not. Haha.

Andrea: Hmm…You really got me with this one. Haha. I don’t know. I really don’t.

Haha! Okay we’ll let Andrea get away with it this time. 😉 Thanks so much guys!

Alessandro: Thank you!

Andrea: Thank you. Have a good evening!


Once again, big thanks to our friends from Zouk Club Kuala Lumpur for making this interview happen and for a fantastically gory and horrific Halloween night. It was just the way we liked it. Grrr!

Check out the gallery below for more pictures from “Dawn Of Dead”, Zouk Club Kuala Lumpur’s Halloween Party.

For more on Vinai, stalk them via these platforms: Website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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