Singer-songwriter Wang Lee Hom is usually very friendly to his fans, but one fan could not even get him to turn around when he asked him for an autograph recently. Is he a changed man? Did the fame finally get to his head? Has he become Mr. Arrogant? No, of course not!

It turns out that Lee Hom just had a stiff neck and simply could not turn his head.

Wang Lee Hom


But he was so bothered by the incident, he took to his Weibo on Monday (3rd Nov) to clear the air:

Yesterday, I slept on the plane and got a stiff neck. Today, in a cafe in Shenzhen, a fan called out to me from behind. I wanted to turn around, but my neck couldn’t, and I didn’t turn around. He went on to ask: “Can I have an autograph?” so I tried to turn around, but my neck hurt! In the end, I didn’t. He must feel I am very rude for not turning to look at him. Can I trouble everyone to approach me from the front for the time being?

His candid post garnered over 9,800 comments, many of them containing suggestions on how to cure a stiff neck. The singer was very appreciative and responded with another micro-blog post on Tuesday (4th Nov).

He said:

You guys are amazing! It turns out there are many remedies for a stiff neck, like raising your right arm or looking to your left, as well as moving the big toe on your right leg and many other methods you all have taught me. Thank you for your secret remedies. My neck is much better now! You can approach me from the front, back, left and right with no problems next time.

Front, back, left and right lol. Trust Lee Hom to have a sense of humour 😉

We’ll leave you now with one of his newer songs, a collaboration between Lee Hom himself and one of the world’s top DJs/producers, Avicii called “Lose Myself”. Enjoy:



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