It seems like 2 units from YG Entertainment will be debuting on the same day as it was rumoured that the “1+1” in the “Who’s Next” series indicates the collaboration between 2NE1‘s CL & Korean rapper, Dok2.

Following CL’s collaboration performance with Diplo during the 2014 Style Icon Awards in Seoul, the “baddest female” is rumoured to be collaborating with Dok2, Korean rapper and the founder of the “Illionaire Records” for a new album soon. The rumour came after Instiz, a Korean website posted the following tweet about YG’s “Who’s Next” series:

Translation: November 11th, 2NE1 CL (CL) xDok2 (도끼) are planning for a collaboration album.

Both CL and Dok2 also hinted on Instagram that they are collaborating for a new album as Dok2 was spotted hanging out at YG studios. However, the source is considered unreliable as Instiz has previously falsely predicted the release date of other idol groups.

@dok2gonzo #thatyoungbosssss

Ein von chaelin_cl (@chaelincl) gepostetes Foto am

Besides, it was reported that YG Entertainment will be debuting a brand new unit soon as the talent agency has revealed new “Who’s Next” teasers through its official blog.


On November 1st, YG Entertainment posted new teaser images that only shows the members holding Pepero-inspired boxes in their hands. The agency also dropped various clues by including “+” and “÷” in the photos. There’s also one that looks suspiciously like a guy’s hands:

The photos matched another teaser image that was previously posted on October 31st with a message that reads “1+1÷1”. No details were provided about the new unit and the concept is still very vague. In fact, the photos left fans wondering if the female members featured in the teaser images are the members of YG’s new girl group. Plus, the male artiste’s identity remains mysterious as most fans did not expect that the new group will consist of a male member at all.

What do you think of the rumour about CL’s collaboration album and the new co-ed group? What’s the meaning behind “1+1” and “1+1÷1”?

UPDATE (3rd November):

Oh yes! 1/3 of YG’s new co-ed group has been revealed. YG Entertainment surprised fans with a new teaser image, revealing the first member of the new unit group – Lee Hi!

YG New Unit - Lee Hi

Lee Hi, best know as YG Entertainment’s baby idol, has been on hiatus since the release her first full length album, “First Love“. She was last seen performing on stage with fellow label mate, Epik High at SBS Inkigayo. This came as a surprise announcement as most fans expected YG to debut their new girl group.

That having said, are you glad that it’s Lee Hi though?

UPDATE (4th November):

YG Entertainment has revealed the mysterious guy in the earlier teaser poster. Who could’ve guessed that it’d be none other than WINNER contender and new boy group iKON’s Bobby?

YG New Unit Lee Hi Bobby

Bobby was recently confirmed at a member of YG Entertainment’s highly anticipated, upcoming new boy group, iKON. And that’s not all. He was also recently featured in Epik High’s new album, “Shoebox“. We wonder what he has got up his sleeves for this new unit!


So, it turns out that YG isn’t trying to debut a co-ed group because they are merely featuring Bobby from iKON in their new female sub-unit!

Together with Lee Hi, Akdong Musician’s Suhyun is the latest artiste revealed to be the member of YG’s new unit. It seems like more sub-units will make their debut soon as the poster also captioned: “YG Collaboration Project 001”.

YG New Unit Debut Teaser Suhyun

What do you think of the new unit? Since both of them are really powerful singers, what do you think their concept will look like? Sound off in the comments box below!

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