From acting to modelling to singing, Lawrence Wong (王冠逸) is one such actor that has emerged into the entertainment industry with both his looks and his talent. Don’t be fooled by his pretty face though because when it comes to work, the actor really puts himself into a situation so that he can perfectly portray his assigned characters. Having spent 23 years of his life in Singapore, the actor became a household name through his memorable roles in most of the local films in Singapore and Malaysia.

His entertainment industry journey began when a representative from a Japanese talent agency approached him and asked if he was interested in becoming a member of a Japanese boy band. It certainly came as no surprise to us that agency would want to approach him as the actor is incredibly well-dressed.

Samsung GALAXY Alpha Lawrence Wong


With his rising popularity in both Malaysia and Singapore, the actor has been chosen as one of Samsung GALAXY Alpha-listers aka ambassadors. Lucky us, we had the chance to interview him about his thoughts on being the Samsung GALAXY Alpha A-lister and find out what he’s up been to these days:

Q: How does it feels like to be one of the A-listers for Samsung GALAXY Alpha?

It’s such a great honoyr, seriously. I have always been a fan of Samsung and other than their phones, I also own their cameras and some of their household products, like the robot vacuum which is the first thing I power up every morning.

Q: How are you enjoying the Samsung GALAXY Alpha so far?
Samsung GALAXY Alpha is so small and lightweight but yet, it packs all the full features available in their GALAXY line of phones. As an artiste, I find myself taking photos a lot and I can always rely on the GALAXY Alpha to give me sharp, crisp photos with an impressively accurate and vibrant portrayal of my subject’s colours.

Q: What are some of the must have gadgets you can’t live without?
Honestly, I just need my phone. It’s amazing how much smartphones have progressed and how your entire life can be stored inside. I have my music inside, my social media apps inside, plus all the other apps needed for my daily life, my photos, videos etc, and even my profile and CV. Just make sure your phone has a great camera too, like the Samsung GALAXY Alpha.

Q: And what are some of your favourite apps to use when you’re travelling?
Google maps, Facebook, Instagram, and various photo/video editing apps!

Samsung Galayx Alpha A-Listers

Q: Speaking of Samsung GALAXY Alpha, what are your favourite things about the phone?
The design and the camera. I love it’s chic and fashionable design. It’s classy and versatile. It is slim, lightweight, and packs a load of cool features. The camera takes fantastic photos too, which is very important for me.


Q: What do you think about the current craze over smartphones? Are you a smartphone addict too?
I love smart phones! They literally changed people’s lives and the way people live! There is a huge debate on whether that is a good thing or a bad thing. I can only say: use your smartphones responsibly. LOL and yes, I am definitely a smartphone addict.

Q: As an actor and a singer, how would you describe your typical day?
Extremely varied. It differs from day to day and there is no typical day 😀

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Q: You’ve travelled a lot in the past. Which place has been the most exciting place to visit?

It has to be Ecuador and from there, the Galapagos Islands. It’s exotic and a real eye-opener. In fact, when I come back and tell people about my trip, not many know or have even heard of the place.

Q: You mentioned in the interview that you almost made debut as a member of a Japanese boy band. How did that happen?

I was cutting my hair in a salon when I was 18 or 19 years old (can’t really remember) and a Japanese boss spotted me and asked if i am interested to be part of this J-Pop boy band he was putting together.

Lawrence Wong 2014

Q: What’s your favorite part of your job?

I sometimes feel like I am able to lead many different lives through my job and I love that!

Q: Between modelling, singing, and acting, which aspect do you enjoy the most?

Modelling is what gave me my start, singing is what I love to do since young and acting is where my natural talent lies in. So, I love them all 🙂

Q: What do you plan to do next?

I will be taking on more projects overseas. I just released my new Chinese single and will be releasing my first Malay single within this year. I just wrapped up filming for a drama in Malaysia and will be filming 2 dramas concurrently (one Chinese and one English) in Singapore next. I will also be heading to Thailand to film my first Thai drama as the lead in January and I am also slated to shoot at least 2 Hong Kong movies next year!

Lawrence Wong Animal Lovers

Q: If one day you became tired of your current job, what you would you do?

I love animals, so something related to animals will be nice. I have always wanted to be more involved in animals welfare and it would be so cool to do it as a full time job.

Q: It must be pretty difficult for you to balance your lifestyle. What do you do to make sure that you have time for yourself?

I have been extremely busy for the past few years. I literally work everyday with maybe have only one off day every few months. I see my parents only once a year during Chinese New Year. I intend to make a difference the coming year onwards and only take on jobs that I am really interested in, so that I have more time for myself, my family, and friends.

Lawrence Wong My Galaxy Alpha

Q: Your clean cut, stylish image has become a signature look for you. But if you were given the chance to transform into a new look, what kind of look would you want to try so that it would become your new signature look?

I have always seen myself evolving into a more mature, more rugged, and more manly image as I grow older.

For more information about Samsung GALAXY Alpha, visit Samsung Malaysia’s official website.

Don’t forget to follow Lawrence on Facebook or Instagram for more updates on his life as one of the A-Listers for Samsung GALAXY Alpha! 😉

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