Firebeatz’s debut in Kuala Lumpur was a night to remember.

Ever since Holland based Dutch DJ duo Firebeatz stormed into the Dutch music scene in early 2008, they have swiftly merited a reputable and solid name for themselves. Made up off Tim Smulders and Jurre van Doeselaar, Firebeatz are known from their distinctly unique sound which boasts infectious bass hooks, catchy vocals, compulsive beats, and groove.

With mega festivals and club nights under their belts, Firebeatz whom recently collaborated with Calvin Harris on a track for his upcoming album Motion played their debut show here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on October 24th (Friday). The duo made their way to Zouk Club KL for a one night only show and it was crazy!


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With thanks to our good friends from Zouk Club KL, we managed to chat with Tim and Jurre from Firebeatz before their set. Here’s what they had to say:

Hi guys, how’s it going? Are you excited to be here in Kuala Lumpur tonight?

Tim: Hey! It’s great, thanks. How are you? Yeah, we’re pretty excited to be here. We’ve heard some great stories about the clubs and the people here.

Jurre: Hi ya! All good, thanks. Yourself? Oh yes, we’ve heard really great stories about Zouk KL and we heard that the crowd is really crazy here so we are really looking forward to it. It’s our first time here so we’re excited.

I’m great, thanks. You guys first broke into the scene in early 2008. What has it been like since then?

Tim: Yeah, that’s right. The sound has changed, a lot of young talent right now, like really young kids as compared to back then. It’s became bigger and bigger and dance music is growing really fast, especially in the States and now over here in Asia also.

Jurre: It’s changed a lot. It’s a lot easier to start producing now because you can just have a laptop and find samples and there you are. So there’s a lot of competition of course, a lot of DJs, a lot more commercial so it’s good because it makes us work harder, it makes us want to improve.


What are you guys working on right now? More collabs/originals?

Tim: We just did a collaboration with Calvin Harris, which is coming out on his album. Yeah, we have a few originals coming out and our track that just came out a week ago, the remix to Calabria is currently number 2 on Beatport. We have a lot of stuff, about 6 to 7 projects coming up.

Jurre: Yeah, we also have new collaboration with Chocolate Puma which is coming out in November. A lot of new stuff coming out.

Speaking of Calvin Harris, he’s had a sick year and you guys collaborated on the track “It Was You”. What was it like working with him? Did you work in the studio together?

Tim: Oh he’s had one crazy year, really sick year! We actually did everything digitally, through the internet. But we’ve met him a couple of times at shows and he really loved our tracks and one day he mailed us saying he wanted to do something with us and he loved our drops so we were like “Of course, Calvin!” Haha. But yeah, we did everything through the net.

Jurre: Yeah, technology has been such a big help. We started sending over a little snippets of stuff we made and he picked the ones he liked, he added some stuff, and we combined it and finished it all through the internet so yeah, it was pretty cool.


2014 has been a pretty massive year for you guys. What would you say is the highlight of year so far?

Jurre: Show wise: EDC Las Vegas, Tomorrowland, Tomorrowworld, Life in Colour.

Tim: Yeah, we’ve done a lot of great shows this year. Also, DJ Mag entry was a big thing and the record with Martin Garrix hit number one. 

Jurre: Yeah actually, we’ve had 6 records in the top 10 on Beatport so it’s been a really, really great year for us.

Woah, massive is an understatement to the year you guys have had. Congratulations! What does the rest of 2014 hold for you guys?

Jurre: A lot of touring actually. We’re going to be doing a bus tour next month with Sander van Doorn and Julian Jordan in Canada.

Tim: Yeah that’s 10 dates in 11 days so it’s going to be pretty f*cking hectic. Haha.

Jurre: Oh we’re also going to India next week. It’ll be our first time over there too, a lot of new places. We’re actually going to Shanghai tomorrow. Like we fly at 9am so we have to go straight after we’re done here. 

Tim: We also go back and forth to the States and we have a cool show coming up on New Year’s Eve in the States.

Oh no, leaving so soon! Speaking of the DJ Mag Top 100, the recent results has seen quite a number of comments and reactions from DJs/producers. What do you guys personally think of it? Is it still relevant or is it nothing but a popularity contest?

Jurre: It is relevant but it is also a popularity contest. Of course, there are a lot of different styles of DJs that are not in that list that but it means something. It means people are talking about you.

Tim: Yeah, there are a lot of DJs who should be on the list that didn’t make it but it is the only list that is. I think it’s really good for what we are doing, like EDM stuff because it’s good recognition. Like seeing Eric Prydz and Carl Cox below us just blows my mind of course, but it’s what the people vote for. It’s a vote from the people so I can’t complain.

Jurre: Yeah, like he said, it’s a vote from the people. It’s a new generation of people who are voting, like kids who are 16 and 17, people who’ve never heard of Prydz.

Fair enough. How do you guys kick back and relax once all the craziness is over?

Jurre: I like a good dinner with friends and family. Play some soccer, FIFA on the play station. Haha. A typical boy thing.

Tim: Yeah, dinner with friends and family. Just try not to talk about music for a while.

 Speaking of family and friends, how do you make time for them with your crazy schedules?

Jurre: It’s really difficult. Especially like we’re always gone on the weekends and our friends are off on the weekends so we miss a lot of birthdays and parties.

Tim: Yeah, when we get back we try to hang as much with our parents. I have 2 sisters so I try spend as much time as I can.

Firebeatz Interview Malaysia

Lastly, if you could marry any celebrity, who would it be?

Tim: Marry a celebrity? God damn. Not into marrying one, you really caught me off guard with this one. Damn.

Jurre: MARRY A CELEBRITY? Haha I’ve never thought of marrying a celebrity, too much bullsh*t you know, with the press and stuff. Hahaha. HMMM… I’ve always liked Eva Mendes, she’s a beautiful woman. But I think she’s married, no?

Eva Mendes is a beautiful woman. She’s not married but she does have a kid with Ryan Gosling though. Haha

Jurre: Oh crap. That’s it, there you go. Haha

Tim: Haha oh sh*t. I have no comments on that. Back to the question, hmm, I’ve never really had a celebrity crush so I can’t think of anyone right now.

Haha. Thanks so much guys!

Tim: Thank you!

Jurre: It’s our pleasure. Thank you and see you later!

It was such a pleasure talking to Firebeatz. Once again, big thanks to our friends from Zouk Club KL for making this interview happen. Let’s not forget to congratulate the boys on claiming the #56 spot for this year’s DJ Mag Top 100 DJs poll!

We leave today with Calabria (Firebeatz remix). Enjoy!

For more on Firebeatz, stalk them via these platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. You won’t regret it, they’re too damn cute and talented to pass up on.

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