Once a potterhead, always a potterhead. Harry Potter‘s fans, time to make your way to London soon because you can now stay at the Hogwarts-inspired chambers at the 163-year-old Georgian House hotel near Victoria Station!

No, unfortunately, there is no “Chamber of Secrets” in the hotel but what they do have is the chamber-inspired rooms with stylish furnitures and the wizards’ must-have items such as spell books, cauldrons, trunks, and bottles of potions.

Harry Potter book in hotel


Is this a new hotel made specifically for Harry Potter’s fans? Definitely not. As we’ve already mentioned, the Georgian House hotel is a 163-year-old property near Victoria Station, a station where some tour buses would pick up visitors to go to the Harry Potter studio.

Thus, Serena von der Heyde, partner at The Georgian House told The Independent, “The fact the bus left from Victoria station meant they were in the perfect location for attracting tourists who had come to see the studio.”

He added:

The Georgian House Hotel places great emphasis on welcoming families and I really wanted to create something fun for young visitors. When guests arrive we light candles and play music as they enter the Wizard Chambers – it’s a great way to give families a unique stay.

As the hotel emphasises on providing a truly authentic Hogwarts experience, the rooms now also come with a full Harry Potter package (with extra charges), where visitors can get a walking tour of the popular film locations in central London and a trip to the Warner Bros Studio for “The Making of Harry Potter” Tour.

Harry Potter themed hotel - room

The room prices are considered reasonable as they start at £249 (around RM1,300) a night for a small Wizard Chambers for 3 people. The larger Wizard Chamber can accommodate 5 people in the room and it is priced at £363 (around RM1,900) a night. Without the Harry Potter package, the room rates cost £209 (around RM1,100) a night for two.

Want to know what they have in the rooms? Check out the gallery below:


Oh, we so wanna go to London now! But first, we ‘re gonna make a trip to US and visit Diagon Alley, the Harry Potter-themed park!

Anyone wanna join us?

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