Subway is known for introducing its healthy selection of sandwiches and prides itself in providing the freshest ingredients in the sandwiches. But, what is a Subway sandwich without veggies?

A Subway franchise in Malaysia recently sparked outrage among its existing customers for removing fresh veggies in their breakfast subs.

Subway Breakfast promo


Subway’s breakfast set has always been a popular breakfast choice for those who are always on the go as they provide the healthiest meals in the shortest amount of time. The breakfast set usually consists of a cup of coffee and a 6″ breakfast sandwich that is filled with eggs and veggies of the customer’s choice. Unfortunately, the set is available for a limited time only and the free coffee offer has already ended.

Subway Malaysia has confirmed that a new measure is being taken for their breakfast subs as their chefs have recommended the breakfast subs should be made without veggies. The brand responded to the customers that they can still opt to add veggies upon request and enjoy a cup of coffee at a promotional price of RM1.

Subway Malaysia breakfast
Subway Malaysia responds to a customer regarding their breakfast subs
Subway Malaysia breakfast set
Subway Malaysia’s new measure on breakfast subs

However, several customers have lashed out at Subway Malaysia as the employees have told them that there is no such thing as “upon request” and the veggies will still not added to the breakfast menu even if they want to pay for it.

One customer stated in a comment that the employee apologised to him after rejecting his request to add veggies in the breakfast subs.

Subway breakfast subs without veggies

It seems like there is a miscommunication between the mangers of Subway outlets and their employees but what do you think of their breakfast subs? Do you think the breakfast subs should go without veggies?

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